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Course Details

Beach Course at 13th Beach Golf Club in Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Used during 3-of-4 rounds

6796 yards – Par 72 – Bentgrass Greens
Fairways and Rough: Native Couch Grass with Fine Fescue Mix
Architect: Tony Cashmore (2001)
10-Year Scoring Average: Inaugural 2019

Creek Course at 13th Beach Golf Club
Used during 1-of-4 rounds

6740 yards – Par 72 – Bentgrass Greens
Fairways and Rough: Santa Ana Couch Grass with Fine Fescue Mix
Architect: Nick Faldo and Tony Cashmore (2004)
10-Year Scoring Average: Inaugural 2019

Important Interview Quotes

Q. Turned out to be a great week for you here. The weather has been incredible. Yesterday must have been like playing at home?
The golf courses are like home, to be honest. Yeah, yesterday was a tough day. One minute you’re in your tee shirt, the next you’re in your waterproofs, freezing, almost hail, crosswinds that were really, really strong. The golf course was still playable, I guess. Some half decent scores. Yeah, it’s just like golf back home, very like it, so I’ve enjoyed it. Looking forward to coming back next year. -2019, R4

Q. Yeah, you just alluded to the conditions and it’s been really tough out there this morning, but you’ve made it look easy.
Coming from St. Michael’s, I played a lot of golf in the wind so I actually love these type of conditions. The first day it didn’t blow at all, which I shot 1 under, and then yesterday it blew in the afternoon, I shot 5, and then it blew this morning and I shot 7, so it’s getting better and better, which is good. I’m just hoping another day like today tomorrow would be great. -2019, R3

Q. And with the tricky conditions, does it just reiterate the importance of the mental side of the game out there?
I think so, yeah. You needed to be patient. And luckily it’s a links-style golf course, you can run the ball in, which I’m used to doing. I was quite pleased it was going to be windy like that today and I think you see from the scoring that guys still shot good numbers. -2019

Q. Does that play into your hands when it’s a grinder’s day?
Yeah, I love it. I love the wind, I love when it’s tough. I guess as you go through your career, you learn how to really try and grind out a good day when it is tough because you know a solid day, you’re not going to go too far. Some guys played well this morning, which was great to see, but I think this afternoon it was just a matter of trying to hit a lot of fairways, some greens and managed to hole a few putts in the middle of the round, but they dried up in the end. Hopefully we’ll try and get it back on track tomorrow. -2019, R3

Q. And the major experiences make you more at ease when you come to slightly lesser tournaments?
Yeah, it’s always nice coming back to try and perform at home. Yeah, from a prize money point of view, they aren’t as big as some of the stuff we play in Europe,
but from a golf course point of value, it’s the stuff that I like and stuff I need to play well around. Just do my best and try and get myself in the hunt and try and aim for a win. -2019

Q. Seems to be a lot of low scores out there this morning. Why do you think that is?
I think wind was down. The rain has definitely softened it up as well so you could really get some of the par 5s. You could make some eagles and a lot of birdies. -2019, R1

Q. What were your expectations coming in?
Well, these golf courses suit me and when you get golf courses that suit you, you really want to feel like you can get towards the top. Didn’t play well last week in Saudi, changed the putter and made a few putts today. So want to be towards the top by the end of the week, so let’s see how we go. -2019

Q. Is there anything you’ll be working on this afternoon to try to improve as the week goes on?
Yeah, definitely my driving. It’s fairly open on the Creek side, and going to the Beach I’ll be in the afternoon, so it’s going to be windy so it’s going to be a lot tougher to drive, so I’ll hit a few this afternoon and try and get some rest, too. -2019

MODERATOR: Geoff, it is really great to have you down here at 13th Beach, and of course your mom and dad live here, don’t they?
They lived on site here until this year, they just moved back into Geelong. Yeah, so I’ve spent a fair bit of time here. Haven’t played it as much, weirdly enough, because it was always vacation time. Yeah, it’s nice to be here. -2019

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