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Course Details

Bay Hill Club and Lodge in Orlando, Florida
7,419 yards – Par 72 – TifEagle Bermudagrass Greens
Fairways & Rough: Celebration Bermuda overseeded with ryegrass

Tournament Stimpmeter: Average 12.3 feet … Fast Greens
Green Sizes: 7,500 sq. feet … A bit Larger Green Sizes
Strength of Field Rating: 454 … Stronger than Average
Bunkers: 84
Water Hazards: 8

Course Architect: Dick Wilson & Joe Lee (1961); Arnold Palmer (2009)

Fairways Hit (Field Average): 66% … Easy-to-Hit Fairways
Greens in Regulation (Field Average): 63.4% … Average GIR Ease
Course Difficulty (Relative to Par): +0.52 … Harder than Average Course (Very difficult when wind picks up)

Tournament Angles

Bermuda Greens
Florida Courses
Easy-to-Hit Fairways
Less-than-Driver Courses
Fast Greens
Par 72 Courses
Long Courses
Strong Field

Previous Winners

2018: Rory McIlroy -18 over Bryson DeChambeau -15
2017: Marc Leishman -11 over Charley Hoffman, Kevin Kisner -10
2016: Jason Day -17 over Kevin Chappell -16
2015: Matt Every -19 over Henrik Stenson -18
2014: Matt Every -13 over Keegan Bradley -12
2013: Tiger Woods -13 over Justin Rose -11
2012: Tiger Woods -13 over Graeme McDowell -8
2011: Martin Laird -8 over Steve Marino -7
2010: Ernie Els -11 over Edoardo Molinari, Kevin Na -9

54-Hole Leaders

2018: Henrik Stenson -12
2017: Charley Hoffman, Kevin Kisner -11
2016: Jason Day -13
2015: Henrik Stenson -16
2014: Adam Scott -15
2013: Tiger Woods -11
2012: Tiger Woods -11
2011: Martin Laird -11
2010: Ernie Els -10

36-Hole Leaders

2018: Bryson DeChambeau, Henrik Stenson -11
2017: Charley Hoffman -10
2016: Jason Day -13
2015: Morgan Hoffmann -13
2014: Adam Scott -14
2013: Justin Rose, Bill Haas -9
2012: Tiger Woods, Charlie Wi -10
2011: Martin Laird -9
2010: Ernie Els, Ben Curtis, DJ Trahan, Davis Love III -7

First-Round Leaders

2018: Henrik Stenson -8
2017: Matthew Fitzpatrick, Emiliano Grillo -5
2016: Jason Day -6
2015: Morgan Hoffmann -6
2014: Adam Scott -10
2013: Justin Rose -7
2012: Jason Dufner, Charlie Wi -6
2011: Spencer Levin -6
2010: J.B. Holmes, Davis Love III -6

Important Interview Quotes

TIGER WOODS: Actually, I haven’t. I just got in today, I chipped and putted for a little bit. Worked on my short game and worked on the speed of these greens. From what I’ve been told the golf course is playing great, it’s fast, rough is up and consistent, and they have the ability to get these greens to whatever speed they want. And so just right here on the chipping green just to be able to hear the chips make that hard skip and see it make that hard skip, it’s going to be a good test this week. -2018

Q. What do you take from the fact that through the first 17 holes you were 5-under with only one birdie on a par-5.
Yeah, I need to play the par-5s better. This is a golf course where you need to play the par-3s well and play the par-5s well and to be only 1-under on the par-5s is, I need to do that better. So I guess with shooting what I shot today and only being that, it’s not a, it’s not disastrous. But yeah, I need to take advantage of the par-5s, because that’s — look at Tiger’s won it plenty of times around here and that’s what he did, he can be conservative and play conservative for the most part, but if you make birdies on the par-5s, you’re going to be right up there. -2018

Q. What’s it like to come back to a place like this as the defending champion and with the quality of field that comes here every year, how difficult is it really to repeat?
Yeah, it’s great to come back. It’s a course I love, great city. Bring the family down here. They have a great time. Yeah, it is hard to win any tournament when you’re playing against the best players in the world and on tough golf courses it magnifies mistakes and sometimes if you hit a good shot it doesn’t finish in the greatest position. So you got to have your game in a good spot, you got to be mentally strong and then you need a couple things to go right. Hole some putts at the right time or get a good break here or there. -2018

Q. There were a few kind of dire prediction that this was going to be a very tough scoring day given the firmness of the greens and the fairways and so forth, as of yesterday. What made it a little more accessible today?
Playing good and putting well, I guess. That’s normally going to get you in the reds. No, it’s a good golf course for me, this one, you’re going to get rewarded if you hit a lot of fairways and greens and staying out of trouble and I guess that’s why I had four top-10s in four years running before last year. Yeah, I don’t change much in my game plan, it’s just kind of the same that I’ve done year in and year out and trying to hit those same positions, try and get it as far up as you can without taking too much risk and then hitting solid approaches. I probably hit three or four good iron shots in there to good distance and a couple of 3-, 4-footers for birdie, a couple of 10-, 12-footers and got up-and-down on the par-5s. So I spin the ball quite a lot, so it makes it easier maybe for me to hold the greens. Our playing partners on one or two occasions couldn’t quite grip it as much. And there’s always the certain conditions it’s going to play in your favor. Last week I felt like when I have too much spin I can’t really get it to the pin, it comes back off the front on a few of the greens at Copperhead, so yeah, conditions are just pretty good for me this week. -2018

Q. Light winds to this point, not a lot of low numbers out there, super low numbers, what’s the biggest challenge out here?
At least in my opinion it is the rough. The rough is up, it’s been up all week, and going off first this morning it was very cold and the rough was wet. So if you did hit it in the rough it was a possible chip out. On 18 I had to pitch out, just had a nasty lie. So I think the rough is probably one of the key defenses. The other thing is the speed of the greens. They’re rolling beautifully, they’re very fast, and as the week goes on they’re only going to firm up. -2018

Q. You always say that if you can drive it good you can kind of get around that 60 percent rate. Today you missed two fairways, drove it right around 80 percent. Driving is such a huge part for you, do you feel like you’re starting to find a little bit of form with the driver? I mean the stats look pretty good today.
Yeah, I’ll take that every day, all day. It looks good to me. It felt good. There were a lot of irons off the tee, just kind of playing the golf course fairly safe. I wasn’t pushing it today, like I said, just kind of playing to corners and trying to hit some greens. I thought I hit a few shots kind of close there towards the end and got that one on the last. -2018

Q. It seems like whenever you come here it’s an automatic top-25. What is it about this place?
I didn’t know that or I would come more. I don’t know — it’s always in great shape and I do like the golf course a lot — but I don’t know, just last couple years, I’m a Texas guy, I tried to play a lot of the Texas events and I just kind of missed it. It’s just fallen into a spot where I couldn’t come play and just needed to take some time off. I got kids now, so we’re trying to juggle a lot of things. -2018

Q. Talked yesterday about what you needed to do, one of the biggest things you talked about was maybe re-learning the golf course a little bit.
Well I’ve never seen the golf course in this good a shape before. Some of these greens are a little testy now, they have been redesigned since I played it, resurfaced. They’re definitely quick when it drys out. Right now it’s drying out nicely and the putts are running out. This morning we were leaving putts short, they were a little bit sticky with the moisture on it, but after that, they were able to pick up some speed. -2018

Q. Briefly on this venue, how does it fit your eye, but what about the emotions you have at this place?
I always liked playing here. This golf course, it sets up well to my eye and I’ve had some success here. I’ve had some success under different conditions too, so that’s always kind of a feather in the cap when I come to a golf course where I’ve had some success over the years, this is one of them. -2018

Q. What would it mean to you to win this tournament this week?
I mean, yeah, if it happens this week, this year, I mean that would be awesome. It would be good timing. But any time, to win this golf tournament, this golf course is a great test. I’ve had success here before, like I was talking about earlier, I won a junior tournament here, I’ve been in contention here a couple times. So it would kind of be the cherry on top. But I got a lot of guys lined up here on the range, a lot of guys on the course right now that are going to put up a pretty good fight, so it’s going to be tough, I’m going to have to play well to be in contention, let alone win. So looking forward to it. Feel like the game’s heading in the right direction, especially with Augusta around the corner, so definitely looking forward to getting off to a good start tomorrow. -2018

Q. How do you see your position going into the weekend?
Well I’m quite a few back. I’m seven back right now. There’s a lot of guys between myself and the lead and if it gets warm like it’s supposed to get on the weekend then we’re going to make some birdies, the golf course is going to be very short, the only thing that’s going to maybe be a deterrent is I don’t think they’re going to put any water on these things. They’re starting to get a little burned out. The fairway on 15 was really quick. Jason hit a 2-iron that went about 325 yards. That’s the way this golf course is meant to be played, that’s how Arnold always wanted it to be played, he always wanted it hard, fast, he wanted the greens dead by the time we played on Sunday and I think we’re going to have that. -2018

Q. Were you making adjustments now that these greens are not overseeded this year and just not just a putting but your chipping and do you have any preference?
Yeah, they’re slippery, they’re fast. They’re rolling great. They’re perfectly smooth, they’re holding their lines. It’s just that they’re not what I have been used to putting on here. Generally they have been overseeded. Arnold likes having the greens slightly overseeded, he wants a more of a green look, except for the weekend. So this is very different from what I have been used to. Because I haven’t played here in like five years and they have redone all these greens, resurfaced them and I hadn’t seen it under these conditions where they’re this quick, this fast, and got to give them a lot of respect. -2018

Q. We have been talking a lot about the speed of the greens. Are these the fastest you’ve seen all year?
Yeah, given that it is my second tournament of the year. They were pretty quick in the Middle East on the European Tour at times, but these Bermuda greens and when you’re on the high side there, putting down the hill, down grain, it’s, they’re definitely slick and you got to be careful every time you’re on the high side and that’s why it’s so important to leave your approaches on the lower side of the hole. -2018

Q. Curious to see these greens are not overseeded this year, just your approach of overseeded versus not overseeded.
I don’t think they were last year either, if I remember correctly, every other year before then it’s been — yeah, I think it just makes them a little bit quicker because you got more grain and you can easily get them firmer as well. So, no, I mean the greens are great, they’re rolling super quick and smooth and it’s just a slightly different approach on your short game shots and your approaches, Bermuda versus overseed, and obviously in Florida you don’t necessarily need to do it, but it’s kind of a guarantee backup to over seed your greens and if you get a cold winter and everything goes a bit dormant, then you might be struggling if you haven’t done it. So, yeah, every course kind of takes their own decision and these have been great these two years when they haven’t been overseeded. -2018

Q. Did hitting greens become a big target for you?
It’s always a target. Everybody’s trying to hit greens. Truthfully, I hit driver a few times today, you’re not trying to hit the fairway, it doesn’t matter how deep the rough is, you’re trying to hit it in a certain area so it’s easier to attack the hole. When I say attack the hole I’m talking about just make pars, not trying to scare birdies, I’m just talking about making pars. So there’s a few times you hit drivers and who cares if it gets in the fairway or not, you’re trying to hit to an angle. Fairway stats, to me, you know, you got to look at the whole thing and ask a person why they did this or why they did that. -2018

Q. I think there was a misconception that, you know, years ago that maybe you might have not have liked this course, this tournament, but I mean just talk about what you do like about it and —
: That’s a terrible question to ask me because that makes me look like I’m a bad person.

I don’t know who — you’re the only one misconception, I guess, because I’ve been a member here and I’m still a member here. And Arnold Palmer’s, he’s a pretty good guy, you know? I loved him to death, he inspired me. So I don’t see that — I think you’re coming at me the wrong way, which I don’t appreciate, I’m sorry, but, yes, I love it here. I’m a member here, like I said. When I play bad golf, yeah, nobody likes a golf course when you play bad golf, but, no, I love it here. -2018

Q. Is it an advantage being a home game this week?
I just said that I’m not sure if I get less sleep or more sleep when I sleep in my own bed, to be honest with you, with the kids running around. I got two kids under four. So it’s a mad house, but, no, listen, great to be home this week. This is a home game for me, lots of family and friends here and a golf course with great memories. My history around here’s a little rugged, I’ve had a lot of missed cuts, but I had a couple of seconds and couple of top-10s and I do like this golf course. -2018

Q. Players really talking up the golf course, saying kind of the best shape a lot of guys have seen it in. Would you agree?
I think the golf course’s evolved a lot over the last 10, 15 years here. Going from having a lot of rough around the greens to lots of run off areas, greens continue to get better and better here, and that is one of the big things about the legacy of this tournament and Mr. Palmer is this is a bit of a love/hate golf course for a lot of guys. -2018

Q. What are your thoughts on Bay Hill? You seem to have warmed up to that event?
Yeah, I like it a lot. It was hard in previous years, I would have played, just sort of schedules and stuff. It just didn’t quite fit. But I’ve loved it. I’ve played it since 2015. I’ve played the last three years. Obviously going back this year.

I had the opportunity to spend a bit of time with Arnie before he passed away up there, and you know, the great memories and great memories of having dinner with him and bumping into him in the clubhouse, I’m going to play that event every year. It’s not as if he needs players to show up to preserve or prolong his legacy. His legacy is going to be one of the greatest ever in the game, not just for what he did on the golf course but for how he was off it.

But I love the golf course. I think it’s a golf course that suits me really well. You can kill the par 5s. You don’t really need to do much more after that. So it’s a golf course that suits me well, and the guy that was just up here before I was, I mean, he took advantage of the golf courses that he liked. Obviously Bay Hill was one of them. Torrey Pines, Akron; so you want to go back to the golf courses you’re familiar and the golf courses you like to play on and you have good feelings on. -2018 @ Honda Classic

Q. The course here at Bay Hill, can you talk about how it suits your game and what’s special challenges any certain holes present to you.
To me, it’s similar style of golf that we have actually played the last two tournaments for me, Honda and at Mexico. It’s not too demanding off the tee as far as you’re not always having to hit drivers and it’s not too narrow. There’s holes where you’re hitting 3-woods and potentially irons, but you do have to get the ball in the fairway. And it’s very much a second shot golf course. I’ve played well here, I’ve been in contention, like I talked about, won a junior tournament here, so I have had plenty of good rounds, I just need to piece four of them together. -2017

Q. Obviously there’s something about this course around here that suits your eye very well. What is it about Bay Hill that you like?
I like that it’s quite penal off the tee and missing the greens. If you really hit it well tee to green you can shoot some good scores. And I enjoy playing courses like this, it’s a challenge. -2017

Q. Do you like this style? Is this the kind of golf course or setup that it’s like a hang around style of golf tournament?
I do, because really this is as much of a measure of attitude as anything else. You have to keep yourself in a positive frame of mind, because you’re going to have bogeys. You’re going to have balls plug in bunkers, going to have bad lies, you just got to accept that stuff before you even get out there and go through that kind of mentality. -2017

Q. What is it about Bay Hill that suits your eye?
I haven’t played much here in my career. It’s one of those I would say it didn’t suit my eye for a long time, and since the changes this is the first time I’ve been back in four or five years and obviously off to a good start and could be one I would add to the schedule. -2017

Q. You talked about the Bermuda greens. Being from the region, do you consider that your an advantage and you also very often played much better in the southeast. Is that also an advantage for you?
A hundred percent. I love getting here to get on the Bermuda grass, it’s what I grew up on, I feel like I can read the greens very good here and I use it to my advantage. That’s, I just try to get through that West Coast and get over here to start making some money. -2017

Q. Talk about the greens at this place.
They are, for a start, they’re the best putting surface you’re going to see. I’m not sure, is this a Champion Bermuda we have got on here, is that right?

Tif? It’s amazing. If you can’t make putts on this kind of putting surface, then I don’t know where you can make putts. But they’re treacherous, they’re tricky. Everybody’s probably, who’s watched API, is familiar with the putts that Tiger’s made over the years on 18. There’s a lot of slope, a lot of speed on these greens. They’re not easy. But, boy, they’re wonderful. -2017

Q. Obviously a change in temperature, especially on the back nine, it started to warm up. You actually went on a bit of a mini run on the middle of your back side. Did it loosen you up a little bit, start to feel a little easier out there in terms of conditions?
Yeah, definitely better end of the draw today. Going to be cold in the morning, obviously. I had a good warm-up, I was good and loose. I had a good stretch this morning and I felt pretty good all day. I was warm, but it did, the ball started going about the proper distance on the back nine. It was a little shorter early for us even. I can’t imagine how it was for those guys this morning. But good to finish the way I did, always like to birdie the last, and make dinner taste good. -2017

Q. Because last year you came in and you had a really impressive showing, too. Anything in particular about this, something kicks in? Is it the layout or just — it’s hard to put your finger on but what about this place there really gets a guy going?
You know, this course, you got opportunity from the player that has the length, all par 5 you can reach [in] 2, then I just like the greens. I mean I putted so well this week, no 3-putt at all in the score. -2016

Q. What is it about this golf course that you like so much?
It suits my game, position off the tee. Got to hit it in the fairway and play some good iron shots and when I’m playing well I seem to do that. So, that kind sets up a lot of birdie chances and my putter has been working really nicely these couple of days and some of the previous years as well apparently. So, it’s a good golf course for me and it’s a home week as well. It’s nice to sleeping at home and staying at home. –2016

Q. What is it about this course that kind of suits your game or kind of fits your eyeball? You always seem to play well every time you come here.
What is it about this course?
Lot of mid-to-long irons both on par 3s and into the par 4s and also on the par 5s a lot of times you got long irons and that’s one of the strengths of my game when I’m playing well, I hit good mid-to-long irons and that’s what you got to do around here to give yourself birdie chances. It’s a good course for me in that sense. The same as last week in Tampa, really. It’s two good weeks for me. -2016

Q. Great to see 69 today. How much of this performance comes down that you actually love this course?
I do. You know, I was very fortunate to gain a couple of invites through Mr. Palmer in my career. I’ve always loved this golf course. It’s a golf course I thoroughly enjoy. It fits my eye. I love it and it’s certainly a challenge a week which I’m enjoying. -2016

Q. Thoughts on the course with the new grasses. Looks like it’s in great shape.
Absolutely the best I’ve ever seen. Really happy they went through the hardship changing it up and it’s definitely paid off. In beautiful condition and the rough is pretty juicy and the greens are running pure. Really nice to play. -2016

Q. What do you like about this golf course?
I think there’s a good mixture of holes. Obviously the 5s lend themselves to the longer hitters but then again you’ve got other key holes in the golf course, positional holes, hitting 3-wood off the tee, hit some hybrids to get in position.
Puts it into my game which I’ve done pretty well this year with the short iron in hand. I can compete against the big boys around the place. -2015

Q. What’s the key shot on the golf course? Is it a driver’s course, second shot course, putter’s course?
I think you got to keep it — in I think it’s a second-shot golf course. If you don’t give yourself the opportunity to hit a mid-to-low iron into the green out there it’s a tough golf course. -2015

Q. Final thing, I mentioned you had some success here. What is it about Bay Hill that you like?
Honestly, no idea. I play in Florida. I seem to really drive the ball well here which is the most important thing at Bay Hill. -2015

Q. You’ve got a pretty impressive track record here the last few years. Anything you attribute that to?
It’s a course where you can’t get away with playing only decent, you got to play pretty well around here. Quite a lot of shots, especially towards the end when you got to commit and hit some good shots coming in and ball striking is normally one of my strong parts. -2015

Q. Two different questions. First of all, how many drivers are you hitting a round?
I think I only hit one today. Yeah, it’s not too many drivers. I’d say possibly hit two, three but it depends on the wind. A few of the holes kind of what lines you want to take. It’s not a course where I hit a lot of drivers, definitely not. -2015

Q. When did you move to Orlando and which area of town do you live in?
Lake Nona past the airport there. Very convenient to have the airport around the corner and especially then we can, of course, have a home game here. Drive to quite a few of the events in Florida. -2015

Q: This is Billy’s 3rd start at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Obviously the 2014 FedExCup Champion and former University of Florida golf team member. So, right up there in Gainesville. So, with that, before we take any questions, if you want to just talk about coming back here for your 4th start and outlook on this week.
It’s always a pleasure to come back. I grew up about an hour away over in Melbourne, Florida. Not far for family and friends to come watch me. I remember coming to this event as a kid and watching it. When I was in high school they had a little gig where we come and caddy for the amateurs in the Pro-Am. -2015

Q. How much fun is this for you to play this event in basically your adopted home town Orlando and play in front of Mr. Palmer?
I mean it’s always nice being a MasterCard Ambassador as well. It’s nice to sleep at home. Got a lot of home support here, guys have flown in to watch me play. Mum is coming in on Saturday. Hopefully we have a nice tee off time where we can all have a nice time on Sunday. -2015

ARNOLD PALMER: The golf course is ready. I think it will be in excellent condition for the tournament and one announcement that I will make that most of you already know, I have every intention of, on May the 15th, closing the golf course and redoing all 18 greens and the putting greens. So, that’s probably my biggest announcement as far as what’s going to happen in the next year.

The golf course will be closed most of the summer and we’ll have 9 holes open, which is the Charger 9 and it will be in good shape to play but you’ll have to do it twice if you’re going to play 18 holes. The greens will not be overseeded in the future.

In the past, many years ago when I first got to Bay Hill, I was going to try to do bermuda through the winter and we got a little scared I guess is as good a word as you can think of about not overseeding in the winter for the tournament, and so we did, and we continued to for all the years, 39 or 40 years, and we now decided that we have a strain of bermuda that will resist the winters and we’re going to attempt to do the golf course with new greens for next year’s tournament. -2015

Q. You grew up about an hour from here in Daytona Beach. You used to come here as a child. What does it mean to you that this event is your first win?
It’s really cool. I’ve been close. I got a ton of looks. And I kept telling me maybe it’s going to be somewhere special, you know. This is really cool that?? I still can’t believe it. -2014

Q. Having played this course many times with your grandfather, and been around this, are you comfortable in these surroundings?
You know, today I was as comfortable or more comfortable than I’ve ever felt at this stage, in this arena.
I played the golf course today more like I play it on a week-in, week-out basis at home. I had fun out there and hit some good shots. The greens are just so fast. You really have to pick and choose your places to be aggressive. And it’s near impossible to go around this place without making a bogey or slip up somewhere. -2014

MARK STEVENS: Like to welcome Graeme McDowell. You just got done playing the course. If you want to talk a little bit about the course conditions, your thoughts coming into this week and then we’ll take a few questions.
The course is in magnificent shape. Nice amount of rough. I heard a comment to where Arnie kind of wants it to play as a U.S. Open off the tee and Augusta-esque around the greens. And I can see what he’s trying to achieve. The greens, like I say on Sunday, the firmness and the speed of the greens was very Augusta-esque with these new runoff areas that he’s created the last few years. The golf course is pretty tight off the tee. Nice amount of rough.
I’ve always enjoyed the way the golf course sets up for me. I’ve had a couple of good years here. Basically it’s my home event these days. Used to be the Irish Open was my home event, this is home these days. So it’s a special tournament for me. -2014

Q. Back to preparation for Augusta, is there something out here on this golf course and this tournament that you can go, okay, this is the same shot I’m going to need to hit at Augusta, or I need to not hit it here; is this a good warm up for Augusta?
Yeah, I think the course has evolved into being a good warm up for Augusta in terms of, there seem to be a lot more run-offs around the greens, which is similar to what you face at Augusta. I think it’s quite a difficult chipping test, playing this course.

The run-offs, the overseed is quite sticky, as it is at Augusta, too, and I think the greens are quite quick this year; depending on the rain and what have you, should get pretty firm. Around the greens are some similarities and overall if you look at this golf course it tends to suit a right-to-left ball flight for the most part. There’s a lot of dogleg-lefts around lakes, so if you start to get comfortable seeing a right-to-left flight this week, that will also suit you well at Augusta. -2012

All quotes are from unless otherwise noted.

Junior Golf at Bay Hill:

2008 Boys Junior Championship: (Pre-Cut)(Final Results)
2007 Boys Junior Championship: (Pre-Cut)(Final Results)
2006 Boys Junior Championship: (Pre-Cut)(Final Results)
2005 Boys Junior Championship: (Pre-Cut)(Final Results)
2004 Boys Junior Championship: (Pre-Cut)(Final Results)

Tournament Notes:

2015: Bay Hill’s greens suffered worm damage prior to the 2015 edition. They did the best they could to make them playable, but they couldn’t avoid the shagginess which led to slower rolling speeds. This decreased the 2015 field average scoring dramatically (making it easier). Golfers could talk aggressive lines on their approach shots without the fear of runoffs and could also lag their putts with aggression, without the fear of running it by the hole 8 to 10 feet.

Jason Kokrak summed it up by saying, “Obviously the greens are softer and slower than they have been in the past so you can actually be a little bit more aggressive with your shots into the greens. You don’t have to absolutely leave it below the hole to give yourself a real good look at birdie.”

The greens were replaced with TifEagle bermudagrass immediately following the 2015 API, and will still be in their infancy for the 2016 running of the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

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