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Future of Fantasy is dedicated to analyzing anything and everything fantasy sports related. Our analysts are specialized in a variety of sports. We do not focus on just reporting injuries, but instead focus on the main issues of what players will make an impact in the future. We are always open to answering e-mails concerning trades in your league or any questions you have about sports in general. In fact, we encourage our readers to send us e-mails about anything sports.

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Josh Culp

Josh Culp

Josh used to focus his attention on fantasy baseball and basketball. Then after college at Iowa State, he moved to North Dakota got into the game of golf. Suddenly, he started watching PGA TOUR golf every weekend and becoming obsessed with fantasy golf. Due to the relative lack of public attention and availability of fantasy golf data, Josh has quickly carved out a spot in the fantasy golf world. Particularly in the Daily Fantasy Golf world, where Josh enjoys a modest return on investment. In addition to Future of Fantasy and Daily Fantasy Golf, Josh also contributes as a member of the Rotoworld Golf team.

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