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Course Details

TPC Louisiana in Avondale, Louisiana
7,425 yards – Par 72 – Mini verde Bermudagrass overseeded w/ Poa Trivialis

Tournament Stimpmeter: 11 ft. … Slower than average green speeds
Green Sizes: 5,700 sq. feet .. Smaller than Average Green Sizes
Strength of Field Rating: ~235 … Weak Field
Fairways Hit (Field Average): 64% … Average Fairways Hits
Greens in Regulation (Field Average): 67% … Easy-to-Hit Greens
Driving Distance (Field Average): 277 yards … Less Than Driver Course

Tournament Angles

#1 Less-than-Driver Courses
#2 Windy Rounds
#3 Easy-to-Hit Greens
#4 Bermuda Greens
#5 Long Courses
#6 Par 72 Courses
#7 Easy Courses
#8 Weak Field Events
#9 Pete Dye Courses

Previous Winners

2015: Justin Rose -22 over Cameron Tringale -21
2014: Seung-Yul Noh -19 over Andrew Svoboda, Robert Streb -17
2013: Billy Horschel -20 over D.A. Points -19
2012: Jason Dufner -19 over Ernie Els in a Playoff
2011: Bubba Watson -15 over Webb Simpson in a Playoff
2010: Jason Bohn -18 over Jeff Overton -16

54-Hole Leaders

2015: Jason Day, Justin Rose, 16
2014: Seung-Yul Noh -18
2013: Lucas Glover -14
2012: Jason Dufner -17
2011: Bubba Watson, Webb Simpson -12
2010: Jason Bohn -13

36-Hole Leaders

2015: Jason Day -12
2014: Ben Martin -15
2013: Lucas Glover -12
2012: Jason Dufner -12
2011: Bubba Watson -10
2010: Jason Bohn -12

Fantasy Feud Golf Contests

Course Horses

Jason Dufner… 42nd-1st-3rd-7th
Justin Rose… 1st-8th-15th-10th-137th-43rd
Boo Weekley… 3rd-29th-6th-113th-10th
Cameron Tringale… 2nd-17th-72nd-7th-18th-28th
Jeff Overton… 89th-4th-42nd-18th-69th-2nd
Bubba Watson… 15th-18th-1st-43rd
David Hearn… 6th-34th-21st-24th-46th

Important Interview Quotes

Q. We got nine inches of rain out here last week. How is the course playing? Does it seem like it’s playing long to you?
Definitely, yeah. And then wind change direction, really opposite; come from north yesterday. So feel like really, really long course, and then feel like lot different than last year. -2015

Q. And then about the Pete Dye?
Yeah, and the Pete Dye courses, they’re visually very intimidating and very tough. You know, I feel like you kind of have to take the trouble off the tee. If it’s water, you might want to shy a little away from it. But fairway bunkers, stuff like that, holes like number 12, you’ve got to press that left fairway bunker to have a good shot into the green.
It’s a tough driving hole for me because I like to fade the ball. But I’ve really kind of worked on a draw off the tee, and it’s really, I’m not going to say I’ve hit every fairway with a draw, but I’ve missed it in the appropriate spot. -2015

Q. You talk about playing well, tell me about the conditions this morning. Maybe not as warm, did that lend itself to the low scoring we’re seeing out there?
Yeah, especially with ball-in-hand it’s made it a little bit easier, but the course is in great shape. I expect it to be great for the rest of the week. It’s just a great layout. It kind of reminds me of where I grew up down in Florida, and I just feel comfortable out here. -2015

Q. When you see a place for the first time teeing up at a new event for you as a rookie here on the PGA TOUR, how does this place suit your eye and fit your game with what you try to accomplish?
Yeah, like I was saying earlier, I think the fact that it kind of reminds me of a Florida-style golf course, so I’m used to kind of seeing water on one side of the hole. You’ve just got to pick your targets and get good shots. If you can do that, you’ll be all set. -2015

Q. Growing up nearby here, what’s your history with the course?
Yeah, the first time I ever played the course was two years ago, the first time I played the event. The course is a great course. I really enjoyed it. The layout is awesome. It’s one of those that fits my eye really well, and hopefully I can get the putter going and hopefully contend on Sunday. -2014

THE MODERATOR: I’m sure it’s nice to be back at the site of your first PGA TOUR win, so tell us a little bit about what it’s like being back here and some of the feelings that have come up.
Yeah, it’s awesome to be back in the city. I’ve been saying this is probably the one tournament this year that I was really looking forward to playing in. I know there’s majors and WGCs that may mean more, but to me it meant a lot. The city is such a great city. The people here are so great, so warming, so welcoming. The food, you can’t beat the food, probably the best food there is at any TOUR stop. It was a big tournament for me to come. It meant a lot for me. I was looking forward more to this tournament than the Masters or the U.S. Open or whatever other tournaments there are on the schedule.
And then to be back here is just such a great feeling. Obviously my form may not be where it was coming into last year, but there’s a lot of good vibes. You remember a lot of good things that happened out on the golf course, and I always come here and always seem to be at a sense of ease, which is always a good thing for me. I’m always a little hyper and a little on the go, go, go, and sometimes coming here just makes me just sort of calm down and relax and enjoy a good time. -2014

Q. Can you put into words how the conditions were out there this afternoon? Lot of low scores this morning. It seems things really dropped off?
Yeah, I think the wind really picked up this afternoon. Greens, typical Bermuda, the grass is going to start to stand up and get a little bumpier. They were still rolling really good. But you just, every now and then, you’d have a spike mark in your way, so that just makes it tough. Kind of low to the green, so to speak, that’s what we expect every time we play in the afternoon. -2014

Q. I think you have a New Orleans connection here? Your coach is Carl Rabito; is that right?
Yes. Since 2006. -2014

Q. Can you talk about the golf course a little and why this Pete Dye design fits you so well?
You know, I’ve always been a fan of Pete Dye golf courses. I know a lot of guys criticize him and aren’t big fans of him, but it seems like wherever there’s been a Pete Dye golf course I’ve always seemed to play well. With his designs, it’s a visual intimidation that he does off the tees and into greens and everything. And then when you get out there, you realize, man, there’s a lot more room or there’s a lot more green to hit to. I think it’s a mind game he plays with you.
I just for some reason seem to focus a little bit better on courses that he designs. Sometimes I tend to lose a little focus and just become a little too complacent knowing that I strike it so well that I think I can just hit any shot in here. I have to be a little bit more focused and committed to what I do. -2014

Q. Talk about the wind today.
It was a different golf course. The course played a lot harder. This is how it always is around here, it’s just the first three days we kind of got lucky with no wind. -2014

Q. Outside of the way things finished for you on the first day, I imagine you’re pretty happy with the way you played out here?
Yeah, this is not the best golf course for me. I just hung in there every day and started getting a little more comfortable with my golf game on the course as the week went on. Putter started feeling a lot better, and I was able to score pretty well the last few days. -2014

Q. Seems like the last couple days conditions have really had an effect on how the ball is going to play, how a player is going to get the ball up-and-down, especially today we’re not seeing poles getting knocked down. It was tough today, wasn’t it?
Tough, real tough. I went from hitting driver, wedge on the first hole to hitting driver, 6-iron today. Different golf course, but I was proud of the way I hung in there. I didn’t hit every shot great but scrambled nicely and just hung in there and shot a good score. -2014

Q. What is it about this course that you like?
It’s hard for me to say. I like the results that I have. It’s not ?? when I step out on the tees and hit shots, it’s not my favorite course that I play out here on the PGA TOUR. There is nothing that I absolutely love about the golf course, but I really do seem to play it well.
I think it’s weird. Sometimes you talk to guys out here and they absolutely love certain courses and they play poorly for the week, and then there are some courses that they absolutely hate and they can’t finish out of the top 10.
So I enjoy coming here. I know that I feel like I’m going to play good and I’ve got a lot of good experience here, so it’s very comfortable for me. -2013

Q. I spoke with Jimmy Johnson your caddy, and he mentioned early this morning you had long clubs into the greens. Tell me how the course is playing right now?
Extremely soft. We’re playing lift, clean and place today. Driver is pretty much plugging on the fairways. This course plays long.
Last year when it was firm, I could have some shorter irons into the greens with. Today I was hitting a lot of 4?irons, 6?irons, and 3?irons, so it plays pretty tough. -2013

All quotes from ASAPsports.com unless otherwise mentioned.

Fantasy Feud Golf Contests

Tournament Notes

2015: Course got soaked with water the week of the event. Lift, clean, and place was used during all four rounds. The course was softer than usual and played more than two shots under par (-2.05 RTP Field Average).

2013: Lift, clean, and place was used in R1 and R4 due to wet conditions.

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