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Course Details

Sedgefield Country Club in Greensboro, North Carolina
7,127 yards – Par 70 – Champion Bermudagrass Greens

Tournament Stimpmeter: 12 ft. … Slightly Faster Green Speeds
Green Sizes: 6,500 sq. feet … Average Green Sizes
Strength of Field Rating: ~ 200 OWGR … Weak Field Strength
Fairways Hit (Field Average): ~71% … Easy-to-Hit Fairways
Greens in Regulation (Field Average): ~63% … Average GIR Difficulty

Tournament Angles

#1 Bermuda Greens
#2 Easy Courses
#3 Easy-to-Hit Greens
#4 Weak Field Events
#5 Performance in the Summer
#6 Carolina Courses
#7 Par 70 Courses
#8 Short Courses
#9 Donald Ross Design
#10 Less-than-Driver Courses

Previous Winners

2016: Si Woo Kim -21 over Luke Donald -16
2015: Davis Love III -17 over Jason Gore -16
2014: Camilo Villegas -17 over Bill Haas, Freddie Jacobson -16
2013: Patrick Reed -14 over Jordan Spieth in a playoff
2012: Sergio Garcia -18 over Tim Clark -16
2011: Webb Simpson -18 over George McNeill -15
2010: Arjun Atwal -20 over David Toms -19

54-Hole Leaders

2016: Si Woo Kim -18
2015: Jason Gore -15
2014: Nick Watney -14
2013: Patick Reed, John Huh -10
2012: Sergio Garcia -14
2011: Webb Simpson -15
2010: Arjun Atwal -17

36-Hole Leaders

2016: Si Woo Kim -12
2015: Tom Hoge, Tiger Woods -11
2014: Heath Slocum, Scott Langley -10
2013: Patrick Reed -11
2012: Jimmy Walker -12
2011: Tommy Gainey -12
2010: Arjun Atwal, Brandt Snedeker -12

Important Interview Quotes

Q. Rickie, what did you think of the course, what did you think of the course today and a birdie fest out there, do you think this week?
I really liked the course. Fairly straightforward off the tee. Few blind shots but once you kind of have your numbers and lines dialed in I feel like it’s fairly simple and then the greens are definitely protected and then if you don’t drive it in the fairway you won’t be able to control the ball in the rough.

The greens have a decent amount of movement, some with more slope and they’re in perfect shape, running good. Very old school. They’ve got some speed and hopefully we can (get) some of the rain through the week.

Not too firm but at least out of the rough it’s tough to hold the ball on the green. The course is in — it’s going to definitely benefit ball-striking this week. -2016

Q. Your game has had success on this style of golf course. What is it about your game that lends it itself to that?
You definitely have to have a short iron game around here is really, really important. You got to think your way around here extremely well. You got to roll some putts in.

I love the greens, they’re in perfect shape. I’m rolling the ball fantastic. Can’t wait to get on the greens so I know I got a chance to do it. Keep doing that over the weekend, give myself a few more opportunities and should take advantage of them. -2016

Q. What do you think of the golf course?
I really like it. There’s a lot of good variety here. Hit a lot of different clubs off the tees, anywhere from hit 4-iron, I have a driving iron, 3-wood and driver. Used all of them today off par-4, par-5s. Good variety there.

Obviously the greens have a lot of slope. You put it on the wrong side of the hole you’re playing defense for sure. So, it’s a course you have to think your way around. -2016

Q. How do you like the course?
I like the course. It definitely suits my style. You have to get the ball in play. You have to put the ball in good positions with your iron shots. The fairways are relatively tight. The greens are somewhat small and you really — once you get to the greens the battle’s not over.

You got to hit some pretty good shots. 15 feet from the hole and trying to figure out a way how to get the next one inside three feet. There’s a lot of — actually there’s a surprising — I forgot how much slope was on the greens. The last time I was here they were bentgrass. Quite a bit slower and you really didn’t have to respect the slope as much. -2016

Q. Course conditions, what did you think out there?
The last time I played out here was bentgrass and I shot 61 on a Saturday. I was the first group off. The golf course has changed. It’s a lot more difficult. You know, I played unbelievably well. I just think it’s a great course for me. I’m glad I’m back. -2016

Q. Kind of a home game for you?
Very much so. I grew up two and a half hours from here down in Fairmont. I live in Spartanburg now. Little over two hours now. I was telling them earlier if there was one place I could get my first win here or at Charlotte or Hilton Head simply because I live in South Carolina now for Hilton Head. Growing up in North Carolina here, Charlotte would be great. -2015

Q. It’s kind of interesting, two very different golf courses. You won at Forest Oaks, got the course record here. Is it kind of strange?
It’s just Greensboro. I don’t know what it is. They could not be more different golf courses and different grasses, different everything. But I’ve had success here in the past. I’ve had a couple chances to win here at Sedgefield and love the golf course. We always have a good time, relaxing week. It kind of bleeds over into the golf. -2015

Q. Of the two golf courses, is there one that you think suits your game better?
Definitely I think this one suits my game better than Forest Oaks. Distance here is not an overwhelming factor. You put it in the short stuff off the tee, lots of wedges.

The par-5s are reachable for everybody in the field. Turns into a wedge and putting contest which kind of turns up to what I do well. So, I love this place. It’s really good since they redone the greens. -2015

Q. The golf course playing a little quicker now, seems you’re getting a little more roll on the fairways, greens firming up as well.
The first two days I was hitting drivers into the holes. I’ve actually backed off to 2-irons. I think the pins are up. Also going to dry and see some flyers. -2015

Q. Jason, what do you like about this course? I know you mentioned North Carolina again but what specifically do you like about Sedgefield?
I like that it’s straightforward. I like that there are scoring opportunities but you have to hit good shots to do it. You know, like the two par-5s are right there. But the first par-5 you have to hit it in the fairway you can’t see so you’re kind of hitting it in an abyss out there and hoping that it’s correct.

There are some holes that you just have to kind of plot your away around and I love Donald Ross. I think he does great, great work. He makes you think, he makes you place, he makes you not overpower. It’s not a bomb and gouger. I wouldn’t have liked this golf course about ten years ago but Father Time has quickly hit upon me and I’m not a bomber and gouger anymore.

You have to really control your golf ball around here and the greens are perfect. So if you hit it in the right spot on the green, you have an unbelievable chance to make it because if you hit the thing on line with the right speed it’s going in. -2015

Q. What would it mean to win in the Carolinas?
It would mean a great deal. Being almost three and a half hours from here, feels like a home event, really, so it would feel awesome to do that. -2015

MARK STEVENS: I’d like to welcome Webb Simpson. Webb, you’re getting ready to make your 6th start here at the Wyndham Championship where you had a win in 2011.
Obviously we’re celebrating 75 years here and you know as well as anyone growing up in this area and going to college here what this event means to the area and to the players.
So if you want to open up, talk a little bit about that then we’ll have some questions.
WEBB SIMPSON: Yes. It doesn’t seem like a year ago I was here, but the year has gone by fast and it’s nice to see that, you know, Wyndham is doing so many good things here in Greensboro for the PGA Tour.
I’m fortunate to have two home events in Charlotte, the Wells Fargo, and Wyndham. I slept in my own bed last night. This is, for me, a special event my first win.
We named our third child after this tournament, Wyndham Rose Simpson. She was born in May. I feel like there’s a host of things for me to play for this week with the Ryder Cup, the FedEx Cup Playoffs start next week and trying to have another good year here.
I love this golf course and I speak on behalf of the all players, Sedgefield is one of our favorite courses on Tour. Seems like modern day courses are moving to big parkland, open, long courses and this is — feels old school, shorter, tighter, little trickier but it’s so nice to be back and look forward to playing and seeing how the golf course is today. -2004

Q. (Indiscernible)?
Well, it’s changed slightly. When they changed the greens from Bent to Bermuda, but it’s still a scorable golf course if you’re playing well. If you’re not playing well, it’s difficult because the rough is thick, the ball really sits down in the Bermudagrass, so that part of it is difficult, and if you don’t hit the greens, it’s difficult to get it up-and-down. But definitely if you’re on your game, you feel like you can shoot a fairly low round here for sure. -2004

Q. Just a handful of golfers have won this event multiple times with this being a “home game” for you so to speak. What would it mean for you to be a multiple champion of this tournament?
Yeah, it would be very special. I think my win in ’08 was a special win having a win where you grew up, so it was also great for myself and my family. To win it twice would be really good, so I look forward to maybe doing that. -2014

Q. What do you take away from the opening round?
Need to make putts. You know, my 3-wood was awful today. I hit every single one of them right. Because of that — and usually you’re pulling out 3-wood instead of a driver to get it in play. Unfortunately, I was hitting it in the rough the whole entire time with that club. I hear they have rough the perfect length. You catch the flyer, you have to kind of assess the line. Unfortunately, I didn’t do that very well and I didn’t make a single putt so I’m over-par. -2014

Q. What is it about this golf course that —
I tend to play well here. I like it. Just fits my eye. I like the tee shots — I know the golf course well and I kind of know where to place it and so I get a good feeling every time I come her and kind of helps me out. -2014

Q. Are there other golf courses on Tour that you feel that way?
No, not like this one. I simply play my best golf here. -2014

Q. Something about this course that plays to your style?
This is not an overly long golf course. I have the ability to get the golf ball out there a long way. I cranked one down there on 15 earlier. I thought it was over 330 off the tee. But because I got quite a bit of length in the tank, you know, I hit a lot of 3-irons off the tee, off this golf course and shape it. I enjoy shaping it.

I think we play a lot of golf courses now you have to use a lot of length but maybe the shot shaping isn’t necessarily required and you have to shape the golf ball around this golf course if you want to give yourself opportunities and I like the challenge that it gives you. It raises it up. It’s pretty descriptive, what it requires you to do off the tee and into the green. I like my chances. -2014

MARK STEVENS: We’d like to welcome Martin Laird. Martin, you got it to 5-under today, right now it’s a share of the lead in the morning wave.
Kind of tell us about the course and what was going good for you out there this morning and we’ll have some questions.
The course is fantastic. I’ve not been here in four, five years. It’s the first year I’ve been here since they changed the greens to bermuda. They’re perfect, especially in the morning.

Get up to the hole, down-grain, downhill putt, they’re as fast as you can handle, which is fun and you know this course needs that with the way the greens are designed, that’s kind of the defense of this golf course, and I’ve also enjoyed coming here.

I think it’s a great second-shot golf course. It’s different than a lot of courses we play on Tour here, all about as far as you can hit it. It’s more of a position golf course which is a lot of fun to play. -2014

MARK STEVENS: Are you spending most of the your time in Charlotte now?
We split time between Arizona and Charlotte. We’re over in Charlotte which makes it nice, easy kind of home week. -2014

Q. What’s your game plan?
Same thing. Going to hit a lot of drivers around here, trying to get it down there as far as I can and try to hit some greens and make some putts. -2014

Q. What is it about this course, you seem to always play well here at Sedgefield?
My first Tour win was here at Forest Oaks down the road. Played well here numerous years. Just love being here this time of year. Seems like the course always sets up really well for me and I grew up on this type of grass, grew up in the South. I love coming to a place like this. -2014

Q. Davis Love III said he believed the greens were playing a lot tougher than they were last year, they’re a lot firmer, they’re a lot faster. Do you believe that’s also the case, and if it is in fact harder to score, what do you think the winning score might be? Your winning score was 18 under last year. How much harder do you think it’s going to be?
Yeah. It depends. I think it depends a little bit on the weather. I don’t know, if it pours like it did last year, everything gets softer.

The greens, even if it rains quite a bit like it did last night for example, the greens don’t get as soft as they were when they had bentgrass. So obviously the softer the course gets, the easier it is to score.

But if we manage to get decent weather throughout the week, the course will get firm very quickly, the greens will get very, very firm. Obviously they’re very fast. And a lot of those pin positions and a lot of those putts will become much tougher. So it depends on the weather. If the weather is really good and it gets firm, I don’t know, probably somewhere just off of double digits probably will win it. But if it rains, then might have a little bit of a better chance of shooting a lower score. -2013

Q. Webb sort of talked about how most of the courses you play are just large courses and long courses and then a lot of guys get tricked up by Donald Ross’ genius and the tricks on the course. You’ve seen the course. What advice would you give to the Jordan Speiths of the world?
I don’t want to give any advice to Jordan Speith. He’s super talented and proved to everybody he’s a force to be reckoned with. Maybe these old style courses, they have a few — maybe takes a couple years to learn it.

I think I’m still learning some things about the course. But there’s no secret this week, you got to hit the fairway and once you do, you got to keep the ball underneath the hole or there’s guys I’ve heard, guys putting it off the green on No. 10.

No. 12 today, the pin was on the front. You hit one a little too hard it could go off the green. I don’t know. It’s tricky but I think it’s all right there.

All the old courses are right there in front you. You see a shot, you hit it. If you don’t, you’ll be penalized. -2013

Q. This is not his first time around this Sedgefield track. Did play a couple of HHGA events where you finished Top-5 in those events.
What do you like about this course and how did it help you today putting that great number up?
It’s very tight. You have to commit to lines off the tee. It’s the most demanding part about it. Greens are slick and pure. Very easy to make putts on. Not spiking up in the afternoon.

You know, fortunately I hit my 3-wood really well off the tee today, was able to have a lot of wedges in and capitalized on some short birdie putts. -2013

Q. Did they roll any differently from yesterday afternoon to this morning?
You know, they stayed really true. They stayed pure yesterday afternoon. They weren’t spiking up much at all, even into the grain.

These are great greens, very slick. Probably the fastest I’ve putted on since Muirfield — well, not the Open Murfield but Jack’s course. So yeah, may be just a little more pure in the early morning like any other course but maybe a little faster. But that may have just been where the pins were located. -2013

Q. Carl has won and you’ve been in contention before. You feel like it’s about time you win here?
Yeah. It’s been awhile. Obviously being injured last year I wasn’t here at the event, I haven’t played in a couple years. But, again, it’s a course I do enjoy. I’ve always loved playing golf in North Carolina. I think the golf courses are very traditional. You don’t need a whole lot of length. More about positioning the golf ball and really playing good golf tee to green. So, yeah, I certainly feel like this is a good course for me. -2013

Q. What’s the difference in the greens?
Yeah. Obviously before it was bent surface, bent grass surface. Now it’s a bermuda. It’s a little bit firmer and faster. Lot of these slopes in the greens with the speed of the greens are a major factor now. So it’s very difficult to two-putt from long range and little harder to get close on the second shots. -2012

Q. You’ve had some success here early on when you played here back in 2008. You like to come back. It fits your eye a little bit?
Having been at North Carolina State and playing a lot of golf here, it fits my eye for sure. Premium on driving. You’ve got to position your iron shots because the greens are undulating. -2012

Q. Bill, kind of sticking right with that, a lot of people are saying you and Webb might be two of the guys to beat this week being that you’re both Wake Forest guys.
Can you talk a little a bit about the Demon Deacon connection and what would it mean to you to win here basically somewhat in your home town here.
Yeah. I mean it’s a home game for you and I’ve never lived near Greensboro. I’ve always lived in Greenville, South Carolina which is three hours down the road; just with Winston being 30 minutes up the road and we never came here when we were in college and played or anything but you just get a lot of “Go Deacons” out there in the fans and I like to go up to the campus at least once while I’m here and just ride through campus and feel like I’m younger and enjoy that. I don’t know. It was the best time of my life without question. -2011

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Tournament Notes:

2012: Course was closed in May while greens were converted from bentgrass to Champions Bermuda. The greens were played as Bermuda starting with the 2012 edition.

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