Who will win the Ballon d’Or?

Cristiano Ronaldo just might be this year’s best football player. The lucrative FIFA Ballon d’Or, which is given annually to the world’s best player, is set to be awarded January 2013 in Zurich. Ronaldo is one of the favourites for the award, which is voted upon by team captains, coaches and sports journalists. When you look at his many achievements this season, it’s not surprising that the Real Madrid player is considered one of the planet’s best. But will he beat out his longtime rival Lionel Messi, or will the Barça footballer reign supreme once again?

Cristiano Ronaldo is definitely one of the world’s most famous football players. You can bet your bottom dollar on this, and there’s no doubt that he’s one of the best at the game, too. After all, not everyone can boast 158 goals in a total of 154 matches as Ronaldo has while playing for Real Madrid. And in this season alone he’s scored 46 goals for the team. While those figures are astounding, Messi always seems to go just a little bit higher. For example, he scored 50 goals in the 2012 season, and a record-breaking 73 goals in 60 games for Barcelona. Does that make Messi the better, more deserving player?

The answer in this case is certainly not a decisive one. The Barça player has higher statistics – he’s the highest scorer of all time in the team’s history, for one – not to mention that his unassuming personality makes him a more likeable figure than Ronaldo’s sometimes arrogant persona. However, that might not be enough to guarantee Messi the title yet again. This year more than ever, it seems that what Ronaldo has accomplished for his team is enough to outweigh the black-and-white numbers. And maybe that will be enough to make him the best. So, guess who deserves the title, bet on football – Premier league now.

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