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Course Details

Trump National Doral’s Blue Monster Course in Miami, Florida
7,528 yards – Par 72 – Bermudagrass Greens

Tournament Stimpmeter: 12 ft. … Average Speed
Green Sizes: 6,600 sq. feet … Average Green Sizes
Strength of Field Rating: 750+ … Strong Field

Fairways Hit (Field Average): 52.8% … 4th Hardest Non-Major
Greens in Regulation (Field Average): 60.2% … 7th Hardest Non-Major
Driving Distance (Field Average): 285 yards … 12th Longest Driving Distance (Non-Majors)

Tournament Angles

Hard GIRHard FairwaysLong CoursesPar 72 CoursesFlorida CoursesBermuda GreensStrong Field

Previous Winners

2015: Dustin Johnson -9 over J.B. Holmes -8
2014: Patrick Reed -4 over Bubba Watson, Jamie Donaldson -3
2013: Tiger Woods -19 over Steve Stricker -17
2012: Justin Rose -16 over Bubba Watson -15
2011: Nick Watney -16 over Dustin Johnson -14
2010: Ernie Els -18 over Charl Schwartzel -14

54-Hole Leaders

2015: J.B. Holmes -11
2014: Patrick Reed -4
2013: Tiger Woods -18
2012: Bubba Watson -17
2011: Dustin Johnson -13
2010: Ernie Els, Charl Schwartzel -12

36-Hole Leaders

2015: J.B. Holmes -9
2014: Patrick Reed -4
2013: Tiger Woods, Sergio Garcia, Graeme McDowell, Freddie Jacobson, Bubba Watson -6
2012: Bubba Watson -12
2011: Hunter Mahan -9
2010: Ernie Els -10

Course Horses

Bubba Watson… 3rd-2nd-18th-2nd-WD
Dustin Johnson… 1st-4th-12th-35th-2nd-56th
Adam Scott… 4th-25th-3rd-13th-6th-50th
Charl Schwartzel… 44th-9th-16th-4th-24th-2nd
Matt Kuchar… 23rd-13th-35th-8th-5th-3rd
Tiger Woods… 25th-1st-WD-10th-9th-5th

Important Interview Quotes

Q: Talk a little about how you play at the golf course and the start to your season so far.
You know, the golf course, it’s the best shape I’ve ever seen it. I’ve played 27 holes now, nine yesterday, 18 today. The greens are perfect. The fairways are unbelievable. The rough is still rough– everybody hates rough, but it’s the best I’ve ever seen this golf course. It’s a beautiful place. The challenge around here is trying to hit your drive halfway decent; miss the water, miss the bunkers and make putts.
So last year was rock hard because of a brand new golf course. I happened to just survive it, make a few putts. So I finished second. Finished second here a few years ago, as well, before the changes.
So I look forward to it. I look forward to the challenge. When you come here, the challenge of the wind, the challenge of the golf course, the speed of the greens are really, really quick right now, and so you get here, you get excited about the challenge. This is why we play the game of golf is to challenge ourselves and try to improve and get better in tough conditions. -2015

Q. Bubba, Teddy says this course doesn’t suit your eye yet you’re playing well on it. How do you explain that?
You know, I finished second here a couple times. I can’t explain it. The golf course is very, very difficult, for me, for my style of play. And right now, it’s just about my short game is keeping me together.
So that’s really all it is. The golf course, no, I can’t stand the golf course. It’s way too tough for me. Donald Trump, he put together a tough one for me and very difficult. Seemed like I was in sand all day, like I was back in Pensacola Beach. -2015

Q. What did you think (of the course changes)?
I like it. I think it’s way better. Before this, I didn’t care for it at all. One of my least favorite tracks on TOUR. It was just too easy, I felt like, for a World Golf Championship. 22-under winning really shouldn’t happen.
It’s a very difficult golf course. I played great today but it is a very difficult golf course, and today a lot of tees were up. They could definitely put the tees back and make it play a lot harder, and it’s already playing hard. The best players in the world are here, and the average is over par today, already tells you how hard the golf course is, and they had a lot of tees up. -2015

Q. Just a day that going in, water balls are going to be part of the tournament, they don’t really throw you off too much when you get a couple like you did today?
Well, you don’t expect them to, but I hit two perfect shots on 1 and it went in the water. So I guess if you hit two perfect shots and it’s able to go in the water, I guess you should expect a few.
So it’s pretty bad that you can hit two perfect shots and the ball can go in the water because of just a ridiculous green design that’s really just terrible. The shape of the green is fine, but it’s not that wide anyways. And why you would put a giant hump in the middle of it to make a ball go in the water? It’s stupid. Golf course is hard enough. You don’t have to do that. -2015

Q. A lot of guys are talking about your skill set is uniquely suited for this golf course. Obviously you hit it long. Can you talk about that?
Well, just like any golf course, you have to chip it and putt it well, so you have to be a good ball-striker on this golf course. You have to be able to put your ball in the right position to make putts. You don’t just hit it on the green and make putts here. You have to be below the hole.
You’ve got to think your way around the golf course, and it’s really a ball-striker’s golf course. And definitely there’s a few holes where you can take advantage of it; if you can get the driver and get it to go over a few bunkers depending on what the wind is, definitely can be an advantage. It’s a long golf course to start with. -2015

Q. What do you think is most intimidating, off the tee or around the greens?
It’s a mix. I mean, there’s a few holes off the tee certainly and then there’s a few holes into the greens. So I would say it’s a 50/50 mix in that sense.
It’s more that if you miss in the wrong place, it’s virtually like hitting it out of bounds. You’re reloading off the tee or on 10, for instance, if you miss the tee shot left, you’re hitting it over again.
A few others on a short hole like 15, if you stall one into the wind there on a short pin, you’re reloading on the tee. There’s always that danger to take a high number if you miss it on the wrong holes with the wrong shot. -2015

Q. What was your reaction when you saw Rory throw his club on No. 8?
Well, you know, it’s hot out there. We are sweating a lot. Obviously that practice swing didn’t work out and it just kind of ended up in the water. Yeah it’s a big issue that we don’t have enough baby powder out there. -2015

Q. Talk a little about the difficulty, kind of standing on the green and kind of the past experience you’ve had, knowing if a putt maybe going left and now it’s going right, talk about how difficult it is to override some of those past memories of Doral.
: I think it’s fairly easy because you almost feel a bit more disoriented out there things have changed a lot. Trees have gone and some areas have been opened up and obviously bunkers where there weren’t bunkers and water where there wasn’t water. So you don’t get the sense of being on the same golf course.
I think if they had literally just reworked the greens and everything else looked identical, that might mess with your instincts more, but I think you really just view this as a new golf course. I would say ?? I didn’t even bring my yardage book from the past number of years. So it’s a clean sheet. -2014

Q. Going back to the golf course, you said it’s more difficult. Have you had a chance to play it?
Yeah, I played nine holes Sunday. I got here, when did I get here? I actually got here Thursday night. Practiced Friday, Saturday, and then played nine holes Sunday and nine holes yesterday. I mean, straight out of the blocks, it’s so different. Just the way the course layout is, is totally, I mean, everything, because you can’t carry the bunkers anymore. Before, you know, there was a certain percentage of us going into last year’s golf course that could carry the bunkers, could make the golf course a lot easier.
But really, the distances, it’s not about?? if you can carry 320 yards, then it’s all about distance. But most of the bunkers are at 300 to 320 carry from the back tees and it’s very difficult.
Now, granted, the fairway bunkers, you can still get to the greens. I don’t think they are so severe which is a good thing because of the course, they have lengthened the course a lot. But you know, saying that, I think it’s, the rough isn’t as up as I’d expect it. Obviously it’s a brand new course, but the rough is a little patchy. It’s probably a premium to hit the fairways this week. -2014

Q. The fact that you grew up in the South, do you think that this type of weather with the wind suits your type of game?
Yeah, I think so. I’m pretty comfortable down here. I play a lot of golf down here. I seem to do well on bermudagrass. Any time we’ve had events, some of my better finishes here and previously on the Web.com have been on bermudagrass, so I’m comfortable in the wind. -2014

Q. Is there another course that comes to mind that makes you think like this one does?
To me, you know, it’s a links course, but where we played The Open Championship last year, Muirfield, with the positioning of the bunkers. At Muirfield, they give you the opportunity to play underneath, but you’re going to have to play some longer shots into those greens, some 5-irons and 4-irons.
And if you want to be aggressive, you can at Muirfield. You can swing for the fences. I did it last Sunday. I hit driver on every hole there and was rewarded because I drove it in the fairway. But if you miss the fairway, it’s extremely, extremely penal in those bunkers. There’s a lot of water obviously on this golf course which adds to your second shots.
So strategy-wise, I feel like it’s similar to maybe what we see at The Open Championship. Doesn’t look like it but those bunkers are very, very difficult to play from, no matter where you are. They all have lips, fingers in them. You very rarely get an even lie, and more often than not, you’re trying to deal with a pretty extreme hole location with possibly more hazards around it. -2014

Q. Some of the fairway bunkers out here are now designed and hazards are put into play; it’s advantageous it seems like for big hitters off the tee like yourself. How much is that an advantage for you, or is it one?
I mean, it just depends. On some of the holes with the way the wind is blowing, you have some advantage and some holes, it’s really not. A lot of these holes, you try to fit it in between bunkers, so you’ve got to hit it a certain distance.
But, you know, there’s a couple holes with the wind and if they are moving the tees up, I can fly the bunker. A lot of times you’re trying to fit it in between. -2014

All quotes from ASAPsports.com unless otherwise noted.

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