Week 9 Fantasy Reactions

Happy Voting day! Jokingly, we could say that the election is already decided thanks to the Redskins loss this week. Regardless, I implore you to get out and vote today if you haven’t already. If you are thinking against it because you don’t trust either candidate and are tired of a system set up to encourage the two main parties to use a strategy of getting more people to be angry about the opposition rather than actually focusing on what’s best for the country, join the club! Regardless of your leanings or how you feel about the candidates, we have blessing to live in a country where you are provided time off from work and a safe environment to go and vote. While you may not feel that your individual vote counts, it is the act of voting that is the reason to do so. There are countless other countries around the world where voters brave tanks and bullets, or are coerced into voting a certain way. Enjoy our liberties today, no matter who you vote for. I think I speak for everyone when I say I hope that whoever wins will lead this country in a way that is honorable and gets us back on our feet.

Injuries: Percy Harvin’s week was hindered by an ankle injury that knocked him out for some time. Reports are that Harvin avoided the dreaded high ankle sprain, but still has a serious sprain. He has not been ruled out for week 10′s game, but you’d have to think he’s going to be looking at a GTD. It wouldn’t be out of the question for the Vikings to sit him this week with a week 11 bye to give him 2 weeks of rest. Stay Tuned. Speaking of that pesky high ankle sprain, both Darren McFadden and Mike Goodson suffered that exact injury in the same game. While neither has been ruled out yet, these injuries are usually pretty serious with a multi-week absence. I’d be surprised if either played this week or next. Jordy Nelson was coming off of a missed game because of a hamstring injury, and was a GTD. He ended up giving it a go, only to suffer an ankle injury early in the 1st quarter and missed the rest of the game. With a bye this week, word is that neither injury should be an issue on the other side. Jamaal Charles suffered a head/neck injury that forced him from Thursday night’s game, although he said that had the game been closer he could have come back in. That bodes well moving forward. Stevie Johnson however might not be so lucky. He is dealing with a “serious bruise” on his quad. From the sounds of it, his availability for this week’s juicy matchup against the Patriots might be in doubt. Antonio Brown reportedly came out of this week’s game with a mild high ankle sprain that may give him some troubles for a few weeks. He has already been a bit disappointing so far this season, and this certainly won’t help. Finally, an injury from last week that missed the early week article is note-able as well. Darren Sproles suffered a break in his hand that required surgery. Initial reports were that Sproles could miss 4-6 weeks, but that seems to have lessened to a 2-3 week range. This past week would be one, so we’re looking at one or two more games before he sees the field.

Waiver Wire Pickups: Let’s start off with the backfield situation in Oakland as probably the most high-impact situation on the waivers this week. The unique thing about this case is that both the starter and backup were injured in the same game. That means that the two candidates for work, Marcel Reece and Taiwan Jones, are very likely out there in just about every league. This is a tough situation to predict, as neither has had many carries this season. Reece is listed as a fullback, but was used heavily after Goodson went down. He has displayed great hands and has been a factor in the passing game, whereas Jones has more of a feature back skill set. Honestly, I’m not sure what to advise. I think in PPR leagues Reece is the clear get. You at least know he will get 3rd down looks in the passing game. In standard leagues, I think I would still lean towards adding Reece, though it is much closer for Jones in that format. Either would be worth a flier if they’re available. Brandon Myers is only owned in 7% of ESPN leagues, and while he won’t get you 2 TDs every week, he really should be owned in more leagues. He is a good stash as a 2nd TE or even a rotational player depending on matchups. TY Hilton had a huge day and got some praise from his QB for his explosive ability. We have mentioned Hilton before in various places, but you might be running out of time to grab him. I expect his ownership to jump this week significantly. Joique Bell also should be owned in more leagues as it is clear he is hanging onto a roll in this offense.

Muscle Hamster: Wow, what a two week stretch for Doug Martin. Let’s take a look at the stats… 54 carries, 386 yards, 4 TDs, 7 receptions, 100 yards and another TD. That’s a total of 61 touches for 486 yards (a 7.9 yard/touch rate) and 5 TDs. He’s easily in the top 7 RBs for the rest of the season, proving that the hubbub over the loss of Carl Nicks was a bit of an overreaction.

CJ1K is Back: I think it is finally time to trust Chris Johnson once again. He is now on pace for over 1,000 yards rushing after more than just a bad start. Seriously, it was horrendous. I guess his O-line has finally started to open some holes or he has decided to start giving the good ole’ try. He has moved back into the top-10 RBs with his consistent performances over the past several weeks.

Pittsburgh Runningbacks: Issac Redman stepped in during the absence of Rashard Mendenhall and Jonathan Dwyer to go off for 147 yards rushing and a TD. Great, now we have three legitimate options who have each played well when given the chance. This is shaping up to be a very messy situation going forward which won’t help owners much. Who knows which back you want right now, any of them could get the touches during a given week, and all three might be involved if they’re all healthy.

Vick, Vick Vick: Michael Vick did not impress me during Monday Night’s game against a vulnerable New Orleans defense. Any QB could not ask for a better matchup, and while Vick wasn’t horrible he also didn’t play up to my expectations. Some of that wasn’t his fault however as he was routinely hassled and knocked around. The O-line performance for Philly from last night was one of the worst I’ve seen ever. I’ve seen a lot being a Browns fan, so that says something. Andy Reid will probably see that placing rookie Nick Foles in such a situation wouldn’t get him much better results, so I expect Vick to keep his starting job for now.

Book of Eli: The younger Manning brother is falling quickly in rankings. I’m not sure what the issue is, but over his last 4 weeks he is averaging only 211 yards passing per game along with a 2:4 TD:INT ratio. That is not elite by any stretch of the imagination, and certainly not what owners aid for in drafting him. The Giants do have a bye coming up in two weeks, and the schedule looks decent after that so there is definitely time for them to turn things around. Still, you might want to look for a good backup if you’ve just been rolling with Eli as a no-brainer start every week.

Okay guys, that will do it for this week. Hope everyone in the Northeast does okay with the new storm coming over the next few days. Hopefully it doesn’t knock out power to any of those who just had it restored after Sandy.

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