Week 17 Start Em’ & Sit Em’: Championship Week Pt. II

While most owners probably ended their seasons last week, some of you might still be going for week 17.  Part of the problem you might face in week 17 is the possibility of NFL teams who have nothing to play for this week sitting some of their big-name players to save them for the playoffs. That could be for a quarter, half game or even a whole game. This is part of the reason I chose long ago to play in leagues that finished in week 16 to mitigate the possibilities of this issue cropping up during championship games. If you are still playing however, we’re here to help. Lets take a look at some of our suggestions for players we like and don’t like for the last games of the Fantasy season.


Micheal Vick: He’s back in the driver seat and will be looking to impress in what could be his final audition for interested teams going into 2013. The Giants can be thrown on, and when you add the rushing threat Vick brings to the table to the mix he could be in for a big day.

Russell Wilson: Wilson had his worst game of the season against the Rams back in week 4. He has grown as a QB exponentially since then however, and I’m sure Wilson will be looking to go into the playoffs with some good momentum. It also helps that he does a great job of protecting the football and can help you on the ground as well.

Shonn Greene: It pains me every time I have to recommend Greene, but you have to like his matchup against the hapless Bills.

LeSean McCoy: As he proved last week, he’s back. As in back to a top-5, start em against any team, play.

Knowshon Moreno: Hey, if they’re not planning to sit Manning, then why would they sit Moreno? If they do eventually take him out it’ll probably be with the game already out of hand. At that point Moreno has probably done his damage.

Antonio Brown: With 3/4 of the Browns starting secondary out for this one, Brown should have room to run even if Joe Haden is on him for large chunks of the game. He also will the only one of Ben’s top 3 targets playing with Mike Wallace and Heath Miller out.

Justin Blackmon: Blackmon has been much better over the 2nd half of the season and he also will be the primary target for the Jaguars. 80 yards and a TD shouldn’t be hard to get against the Titans.

Miles Austin: With Witten and Bryant drawing most of the attention from a horrible Redskin secondary, Austin should have room to move around. This could be a high scoring game in what amounts to a playoff game for both the Cowboys and Redskins. As a side note I also like Pierre Garcon to have a big game.

Aaron Hernandez: Gotta stick with your studs, even in a game where there isn’t a great matchup. Hernandez came up very short last week, so he needs to rebound to come through for your team.

Antonio Gates: I feel like I need to go take a shower. TE is skinny yet again this week.

Steelers D/ST: This week they get to face a third string QB just signed off the practice squad and a backup RB. There’s not much hope for the Browns.


Andy Dalton: The Bengals have nothing to play for in this one, and neither do the Ravens. I would be surprised if Dalton plays the whole game, especially with the prospects of having to play the Ravens two weeks in a row if the playoffs shake out the right way.

Josh Freeman: He has tumbled rapidly the last few weeks, and his season rank is buoyed by early season successes. At this point it’s a lost season for the Bucs, and Freeman has once again taken a step back.

Michael Leshoure: The Bears will be keyed in to get themselves into the playoffs. Their tough enough to run on when they don’t have extra motivation.

Ray Rice: See Dalton, Andy.

Montario Hardesty: If you’re a Trent Richardson owner and you’re scrambling for a fill-in, there are probably better options to use. Hardesty has been fine in limited work this season, but Pittsburgh is a tough matchup and his protection is Thad Lewis… Not looking promising.

Vincent Jackson: Jackson barely bucked his top-10 secondary struggles last week, but I’m sticking with the trend he has established this season. This week;s opponent, the Falcons, rank 4th in the NFL vs WRs.

Michael Crabtree: If a team can slow down Brandon Marshall, I think they can handle Crabtree. The Cardinals have the talent to do that this week.

Stevie Johnson: The Jets do play well defensively, especially in the secondary.

Tony Gonzalez: The Falcons have nothing to play for, and could end up resting most of their starters for the 2nd half on Sunday.

Owen Daniels: He’s gotten quiet at the wrong time this season, not amassing more than 8 points since week 9.

Bengals D/ST: Just as the offense might sit some starters, the defense could as well. There are probably better options out there.

Good luck everyone!

Last Week’s Results: Season Totals in Parentheses

Before I go any further I must add in my results from week 15 which I skipped last week. Starts 2-9 (71-94), Sits 7-4 (97-68).

Starts: 3-8 .272, (74-102, .420)

Eli Manning: 12pts = L, Ben Roethlisberger: 10pts = L, Trent Richardson: 6pts = L, Darren McFadden: 4pts = L, Vick Ballard: 6pts = L, Danny Amendola: -2pts = L, Eric Decker: 18pts = W, Julio Jones: 13pts = W, Heath Miller: 4pts = L, Jermichael Finley: 7pts = L, Packers D/ST: 17pts = W

Sits: 6-5 .545, (103-73, .585)

Matthew Stafford: 15pts = L, Josh Freeman: 13pts = W, Michael Turner: 5pts = W, LeSean McCoy: 11pts = L, Beanie Wells: -2pts = W, Kenny Britt: 10pts = L, Denarius Moore: 1pt = W, Vincent Jackson: 10pts = L, Jermaine Gresham: 3pts = W, Antonio Gates: 10pts = L, Browns D/ST: -4pts = W

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