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Course Details

JW Marriott TPC San Antonio in San Antonio, Texas
7,435 yards – Par 72 – Bermuda Greens overseeded with Ryegrass

Tournament Stimpmeter: 11 feet … Average Green Speeds
Green Sizes: 6,400 sq. feet … Average Green Sizes
Strength of Field Rating: ~195 … Weak Field
Fairways Hit (Field Average): 56% … Very Hard-to-Hit Fairways
Greens in Regulation (Field Average): 57% … Very Hard-to-Hit Greens
Driving Distance (Field Average): 282 yards… Average Driving Distance Allowed

Average Wind Speeds: 15 MPH … Windier on Average
Average Temperatures: 79 Degrees … Average

Tournament Angles

#1 Texas Events
#2 Long Courses
#3 Hard Fairway Courses
#4 Hard GIR Courses
#5 Hard Courses
#6 Par 72 Courses
#7 Windy Rounds

Previous Winners

2016: Charley Hoffman -12 over Patrick Reed -11
2015: Jimmy Walker -11 over Jordan Spieth -7
2014: Steven Bowditch -8 over Will MacKenzie, Daniel Summerhays -7
2013: Martin Laird -14 over Rory McIlroy -12
2012: Ben Curtis -9 over John Huh, Matt Every -7
2011: Brendan Steele -8 over Charley Hoffman, Kevin Chappell -7
2010: Adam Scott -14 over Freddie Jacobson -13

54-Hole Leaders

2016: Rickey Barnes -11
2015: Jimmy Walker -9
2014: Steven Bowditch -12
2013: Billy Horschel -10
2012: Ben Curtis -9
2011: Brendan Steele -7
2010: J.B. Holmes -12

36-Hole Leaders

2016: Brendan Steele -10
2015: Jimmy Walker -6
2014: Steven Bowditch -8
2013: Billy Horschel -8
2012: Ben Curtis -10
2011: Brendan Steele, K. Chappell, C. Hoffman, B. Snedeker, K. Sutherland, G. Ogilvy -3
2010: Jimmy Walker, Brett Wetterich, Matt Jones, James Nitties, -7

Important Interview Quotes

Q. Has to be more comfortable to putt on greens that you know very well. What is the feeling of coming back to this place and once again putting yourself in a good position?
Yeah. I mean I always feel good here. I know the shots. The course sets up really well for me. Kind of plays into my strength which is usually driving the ball.

And so to see it play a little bit softer and with a little less wind, my eyes kind of lit up. It always plays so difficult, firm and fast and the winning score is just a handful under par usually. To see it soften up a little bit, I knew it was good. -2016

Q. So Billy Ray was saying you like this golf course a little more firm. How does that play to your advantage and what do you think we’ll see?
It’s the way it was designed. It’s essentially built on rock. This is about the latest we played this golf tournament. Seems like the wind is usually blowing and lot of roll.

Right now there’s not a whole lot of roll. Got to hit shots. I don’t know how much rain they’ve had in the last week. Hats off to the superintendent and the greens staff. -2016, R1

Q: You’ve only once finished out of the top 15 here. What is it about this tournament, TPC San Antonio, since 2010 that really suits your game?
I don’t know the answer to that. I think visually the golf course sets up off the tee for me, which is nice. It’s a demanding driving golf course, I think that’s one of my strengths is driving the golf ball in play. And I think that sorts of fits my eye off the tee, and it gives me the ability to attack once I get it in play. I know my track record and feel good. Definitely I look forward to playing here. -2015

Q. Why do the Aussies do so well playing in Texas?
I mean growing up back home, Melbourne, it was always windy. Every day was windy it seemed like. If you had a still day it was unusual. Whether it was blowing 20 or blowing 10, there was always a wind. So I think you just get used to playing in the wind. -2015

Q. Apparently this week you need a good break with the tee time, as well. Getting out this morning and seeing the conditions as they were did you feel like I really need to take advantage of this, because I’ve gotten the good break with the tee sheet?
Yeah, it’s a bummer when the field gets split like that in the morning and afternoon wave. It happens to all of us. It happens quite a bit in the spring. It’s just springtime. We all know that.
I’ve gotten my fair shares of good draws and fair share of bad. But it worked out this week. We got on the right side of it. And played well. You wanted to take advantage of the break you were given yesterday afternoon, so we tried to. -2015

Q. This has been maybe kind of a home game for you, being kind of “your home course.” Hasn’t really worked out that way. Coming in here you had some time off, did you spend any time thinking about what you could do differently to break through here or is it just like any other tournament?
The more I play here the more I get comfortable. This is not my home golf course. I try to get out here and play. I got out here a few times and ran around it, just get more comfortable over time with the golf course and know it’s a little?? its quirks and tendencies, you try to figure all that stuff out. But even being your home course, you still have to come and play well. You have to be doing things well to play well. It doesn’t matter that it’s your home course, not your home course, if you don’t play good, you’re not going to play good. But, I’ve been out here trying to play a few rounds. -2015

Q. What a great round for you. Tied second and what is it about this place, this course, you enjoy so much?
If I could play every event at the Valero Texas Open, in TPC San Antonio, I’d have a pretty high World Ranking because it seems to be pretty good to me. -2015

Q. We haven’t seen you in awhile. Been just kind of hasn’t kind of fit in your schedule, hasn’t lined up?
You know, it’s not probably the best place to get ready for the Masters in that it’s very windy and tight. Can’t really unleash drivers the way you want to at Augusta so I probably used other weeks to get ready. -2014

Q: Can you talk a little bit about this course and also about the last five holes?
Well, it’s a monster golf course. I mean it’s a very, very long golf course. Par-5s are not reachable in two because they’re all over 600 yards and every hole feels like it’s against the wind which doesn’t help, and you’ve got to hit your tee shot really straight and hit your second shot in the right area to putt. Give yourself an uphill putt helps a lot. And I was doing that really great today and last five holes I didn’t know I made four birdies. It just happened. -2014

Q. You live in San Antonio, play out of here; is that right? Much of an advantage for anybody?
Well, you know, I haven’t played here very good in the past. This is my best so far. You know, I’m having a good time and feel like I’m getting to know it a little better. It’s a tricky golf course. Got to know where to hit it and it’s been good so far. -2014

Q. Played pretty well the last two years here, too. What is it about this place that you think you like?
It’s a demanding driving golf course as well as approaches. I think approaches are really tough. You’ve got a lot of big fall-offs around the greens. The greens have a lot of movement in them.
So, I think from a ball-striking perspective, particularly off the tee I feel like that’s one of my strengths is keeping myself in play, giving myself a lot of chances and been doing a good job of that this week.
So, you know, it fits my eye pretty well off the tee. I think that’s probably the most crucial part around this golf course is putting yourself in the fairway. -2014

Q. Has this place grown on you a little bit?
A little bit. It’s a severe golf course. It’s a lot of fun when it’s calm. The problem is it’s never calm, so it’s grueling. The falloffs and some of the run-offs on the greens, I know some of them have been fixed, but it’s a tough, grueling golf course in this kind of weather, and we played in it for four days. -2014

Q. Charley, overall, you have played this golf tournament very well and you’re continuing it this week. What do you like most about this golf course that seems to bring out the best in you?
I don’t know. I played good over at La Cantera when it was there, and ever since it’s moved here to TPC I’ve played well also. Maybe it’s something in San Antonio. I enjoy coming here. I like the Mexican food, and I enjoy the area. -2013

Q. We’d like to welcome Billy Horschel into the media center. This week, Billy, you are leading in strokes gained putting and putting average. If you could talk a little about your putting this week?
Yeah, I feel very comfortable on these greens. I also felt comfortable on last week’s greens, growing up on Bermuda. I think I feel very comfortable in the sense of speed and understanding how to read the putts and everything. But I think leading those two areas is a big key in playing well each week. -2013

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Tournament Notes

2016: A new spot in the schedule may see the golf course and strength of field play out differently. We should still expect a very demanding golf course and keep an eye out on the wind forecast. 

2015: Winds wrecked havoc, and not in the typical way. The wind basically ruined the week for an entire wave of players based on the Thurs/Friday draw.

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