Ultimate Blogger League

If the website Bragstr.com doesn’t ring a bell to you, then listen up. Bragstr is the newest Fantasy Sports start-up, and it has really started to take off. Bragstr combines aspects of Fantasy Sports with aspects of Sports Betting for a truly unique Fantasy Sports experience.

In case you missed it, Future of Fantasy had it’s very own Bragstr League that ran during the month of November. I got to give a big shout out to Scott Zeidman and Jordan Caines for finishing 1st and 2nd place in the Future of Fantasy League. They came away with a copy of Madden ’13 and $100 ESPN Gift card for there four weeks of picking winners.

Enough about the past. The latest thing on Bragstr is the Ultimate Blogger League. It’s really simple to play, and the prizes are even bigger this time. Follow the instructions below to start your quest towards a X-Box 360, Beats by Dre headphones, or $100.
Ultimate Blogger League - Bragstr

1. Go to www.Bragstr.com

2. Create Account using your facebook or email

3. Verify email within 30 days (email could be placed in the spam box)

4. Go to” Leagues” Page

5. Click the “Ultimate Blogger” league from the rotating images

6. Click Join league

7. Go to “Sportsbook” and make your picks

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