Trophee Hassan II – Fantasy Golfanac

Course Details

Royal Golf Dar Es Salam in Rabat, Morocco
Used in 2010 and 2016 thru 2018

7,632 yards – Par 73 (Par 72 in 2016 and 2018) – Bentgrass/Poa Greens
Fairways and Rough: Kikuyu overseeded with Ryegrass
Architect: Robert Trent Jones (1971)
Location: Northern Morocco, 5 miles from the coast
Water Hazards: 3
Style: Flat, tree-lined (forest of cork, oak, and eucalyptus trees)
Field Scoring: 73.46 during last four held at Royal Golf Dar Es Salam

Important Interview Quotes

Q. Defending champion this week. Always nice to come back to a course where you have some happy memories?
It’s good. I’m pleased to be here. The course looks really good. I like this place. It’s a tough golf course, and for sure, I played with some good memories of last year, so I’m happy to be here. -2019

Q. And this golf course, what does it take to get around this course?
Like I say, I think if you drive well the ball and putt well, I think that’s the key on this golf course. Also, it’s a tough golf course because when it’s windy, the wind switch a lot and it’s not easy, but yeah, I think you just have to play target golf, and on some flags, you can be offensive. Yeah, it’s a golf course I like. -2019

Q. Great opening effort here in Morocco. Is that a course you love? Is that why we’ve seen these good performances?
Yeah, definitely enjoy playing these courses where it’s quite tight off the tee and you have to place your ball around the greens, and anything under par is a good score. The wind is starting to pick up more, and even if the greens are soft, it’s always a difficult course to play. -2019

Q. It’s your third appearance in the Trophee Hassan, and just outside the Top-10 in your debut in 2017. What do you like about the course?
I really like this place. It’s a really hard course for me. It feels like a major course. It’s a fantastic one and very tight one, so I appreciate to play against this strong course. -2019

Q. After the start you had, it must be satisfying to have the finish that you had?
Yeah, sure, it’s a bit of a grinder’s golf course out there, and it’s the kind of weather it is, too, just have to keep on trucking along. Did a good job of that today. Made a few putts towards the end and putted pretty solid all day, even though I had a slow start. -2019

Q. Do you relish the challenge that a golf course like this poses?
Yeah, definitely. I love this place. I love putting this on my schedule. It’s always a week I feel like I can get around the front, sort of give myself a chance on Sundays and that’s what I’m trying to do. -2019

Q. It’s surprising to have a win not that far from Spain, and just some water between Morocco and Spain. Do you feel at home here?
Yeah, I say before, I feel almost like home. It’s, as you say, it’s just a few kilometres away from home. The weather is similar. The golf course is great. I love coming here to Morocco. I think it’s a great venue and a great golf tournament, so it just feels like home. -2019

Q. What makes this golf course so difficult?
It’s the green areas, I would say. It’s a great course from tee-to-green but once you come up to the green, it’s just the slopes are so severe, you need to be on the right spots. -2018

Q. Talk about that 4-under opening round today.
It was solid. Solid day. The course here is strong, so you need to sort of drive the ball well and do a lot of things really well to give yourself a chance. I think with the greens, the way they re-designed, it’s quite tough to give yourself a lot of good chances. You kind of have to fiddle shots in and trying and get on slopes and that, which is pretty tricky at times. -2018

Q. How pleased are you with that round?
I’m very happy, honestly. I mean, this is a tough course. It’s nothing like what we played last week. It’s tight off the tee. The modification of the greens make it tough to hit any approaches close to the hole, so I’m very happy with 2-under. -2018

Q. You’ve made quite a few appearances in Morocco. Is this a week you look forward to on the calendar?
Yes, especially on this course. I love this track. It’s a very narrow, tree-lined golf course where every aspect of the game gets tested. You’ve got to be driving the ball really well and you’ve got to be in position for going into the greens all the time, and it’s just a very demanding golf course and I love coming here. -2018

Q. What’s the biggest test around here?
I think driving. If you hit the fairways, you can be pretty aggressive to the flags. If you start missing flags, especially this year, new greens, firm greens, quite undulating greens, as well, you can be aggressive. So you have to be in the fairway to attack the flags so hopefully we can hit some fairways this week. -2018

Q. Looking at the scorecard, it’s 7,500 yards this week.
It was a par 73 this week and they have changed the 10 to a par 4. So they have made the greens more difficult. It was only 9-under to be in a playoff last year. So I mean, that will show you that the scoring will be quite moderate but it’s just a week you have to keep your head on your shoulders, grind as well as you can and see where it leaves you, really. -2018

JAMES MORRISON: I played well. I had a few bad shots in there but I got away with them a little bit and I took my chances when I hit my good shots, like at 17 where I hit a lovely four iron in for birdie. A six at the last is obviously disappointing but I’ve still got a good chance now. It’s hard and you’ve got to play well but at the same time you’ll still get birdie chances. I’m looking forward to it, it’s a golf course I’m loving playing. It sets up for a really good weekend. -2017

GREGORY HAVRET: It’s good to play under par, anything in the red here is very good on a very tough course, so I’m happy. Even par is a good score. This course always plays hard and since the changes a few years ago it’s even harder.

When the wind is changing it’s not easy to find the right club. It’s in perfect condition, the course is just in great shape and we always enjoy it here. It’s definitely a test of golf.

I think it’s one of the toughest all season. There’s a little bit of a wind but nothing silly like you can have sometimes here. -2017

BORJA VIRTO ASTUDILLO: I like tight courses, because my driving is normally pretty straight. But I’m not the furthest hitter, so this course is maybe a little too long for my game. But I still really like it. -2017

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