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Course Details

#1 Sea Island Golf Club (Seaside Course) on St. Simons Island, Georgia
Host Course — 3 Rounds Played
7,005 yards – Par 70 – Bermudagrass Greens

Average Green Size: 7,000 square feet … Larger than Average Greens
Tournament Stimpmeter: 11-to-12 feet … Average Green Speeds
Strength of Field: ~165 … Weak Field

Fairways Hit (Field Average): ~70 … Eay-to-Hit Fairways
Greens in Regulation (Field Average): ~165 … Easy-to-Hit Greens
Driving Distance (Field Average): ~273 yards … Less-than-Driver Course

#2 Sea Island Golf Club (Plantation Course) — 1 Round Played
7,058 yards – Par 72 – Bermudagrass Greens
Course Notes: Smaller Greens, Parkland Style, More Protected by Wind than Seaside Course.

Tournament Angles

#1 Bermuda Greens
#2 Less-than-Driver Courses
#3 Weak Field Events
#4 Short Courses
#5 Windy Rounds
#6 Par 70 Courses

Previous Winners

2016: Kevin Kisner -22 over Kevin Chappell -16
2015: Robert Streb -14 over Brendon de Jonge, Will MacKenzie in a playoff
2014: Chris Kirk -14 over Briny Baird, Tim Clark -13
2012: Tommy Gainey -16 over David Toms -15
2011: Ben Crane -15 over Webb Simpson in a playoff
2010: Heath Slocum -14 over Bill Haas -13

54-Hole Leaders

2016: Kevin Kisner -16
2015: Will MacKenzie, Andrew Svoboda -12
2014: Briny Baird, Chris Kirk -10
2012: Jim Furyk, Davis Love III -13
2011: Michael Thompson -13
2010: Heath Slocum -12

36-Hole Leaders

2016: Kevin Chappell -11
2015: Russell Henley -9
2014: Chris Kirk -8
2012: Arjun Atwal -10
2011: Billy Horschel -12
2010: David Toms -10

Course Horses

Important Interview Quotes

Q. First impressions for a tour event?
Yeah, no, it’s good. I think the Sea Side is probably a little bit more exposed. Once you get out on the Plantation you don’t feel the wind as much with the trees kind of blocking it and whatnot. -2015

Q. Having Sea Side three days in a row now, do you feel like that gives you a little bit of an advantage?
I’m interested to see what the scores will be tomorrow if the wind blows like they’re forecasting. You know, north wind, neither course is really made to play a north wind. I think that’s probably the hardest wind to play Sea Side in. -2015

Q. With soft greens allow you to be a little more aggressive going into some hole locations?
Yeah, you could be aggressive if you hit the fairway especially with lift-clean-and-place conditions. The greens were spinning quite a bit, too, so if you had a short iron you had to really control the spin, otherwise you had to play for three to six yards of back spin. -2015, R1

Q. Can you contrast the Sea Side and Plantation course? I know you played 20 rounds over there and 1 over here.
Yeah, obviously completely different. This (Plantation) is a lot more parkland. But the greens are very, very small over here. I think from what I’ve heard we’re going to get some wind on Sea Side, so going to be tricky out there. -2015

Q. Except for last year you’ve got a history of quick starts at this tournament. Anything to that?
Yeah. Actually, I just enjoy playing this golf course. I think it suits my game pretty well. Tee-to-green I’m usually pretty consistent. I am kind of a plodder, and I feel like it just sets up well for me. -2015

Q. You’ve lived out here on Sea Island for about 13 years. You said you played this course about 20 times. Do you have a favorite between the two courses?
I think I like ’em both, you know. That may be a political answer, but I like the small greens on Plantation and how the greens putt.

The greens were really rolling well today. You really get some true, true reads and the ball holds its line. If you’re really hitting ball well I like Sea Side. If you can hit it on the greens close you can have some really good looks. The greens can be quite frustrating at times. -2015

Q. You tied for eighth last year on this golf course. Something about the Sea Side that you seem to like?
Yeah, I think for me it’s the sightlines work. The wind tends to blow out of one direction. There are a lot of things that are comforting to me and allow me to play well. -2015

Q. Any win any level is special, but you went to school up the road a bit at UGA. How special is winning down in Sea Island?
Yeah, it’s a special place. I lost two SEC championships on that 18 hole when i had a one-shot lead, and I said, Man, I’m glad I have five today. -2015

Q. Obviously local knowledge has a lot to do with it, lot to help. How is this course playing in comparison to where you would normally play?
You know, we played four SEC Championships here when I was in college at Georgia. It’s a lot different than that because they overseed it, and it was the spring in college, so it was a lot faster around the greens.
I think the local knowledge helps tee to green just not being uncomfortable with some of those tee shots where you’re having to carry hazards, put it in between a bunker and a hazard, so I think that’s probably the biggest help out there. -2014

Q. Seems like a very fair course where it doesn’t really suit any one particular type of player. It’s nice to have one of those types of courses, isn’t it?
It really is. It’s a golf course that relies on the weather, the conditions, the wind to be the teeth. And anybody could play a great round out there, whether you hit it long or short, and I think really comes down to who approaches it well and makes putts. -2014

Q. You’ve had a lot of success here, collegiately, and you almost won this thing three years ago. What is it you like about this place so much?
I just like the atmosphere, being on the water, having the steady breeze. The course is in unbelievable condition every time I play it. The greens are perfect.
Visually it just sets up well for me, and when you play a course like that, you’re just going to have fun no matter how you play. So I always look forward to this tournament. -2014

Q. Is this a course where experience matters, knowing the wind direction, knowing the greens, just your way around the course?
I think it really helps with the greens because the greens a lot of them are elevated and they slope off pretty severe. So knowing where to hit it according to where the pin is on the green is very important. -2014

Q. You’re a regular down here at Sea Island; you train out here as well, so you know the golf course as well, but 4-under par 66, you gotta be pretty happy with that start.
Yeah. Solid start. I know the course very well, and I feel comfortable out here, and my game’s been really good. So I’m glad to be playing on the home course. -2014

Q. You’re a local guy. You’ve got about a five-minute commute this week. What’s it like?
It’s great. It’s the only tournament of the year I get to sleep in my own bed, which is pretty awesome. -2014

Q. Obviously you love this golf course. I mean you play so well year in, year out.
Yeah, I do. It’s a course that I’ve played a ton of times, you know, playing SEC Championships here when I was in college and then lived here for six years, played here a ton.
I’ve never really pictured it as a course that I would win on or play well on. I struggled here in college always during the SECs, but I think the work that I’ve done with Scott, my teacher, is helping drive the ball a lot better and that’s one of the big keys out here. -2014

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