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Course Details

The Old White TPC in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
7,287 yards – Par 70 – Bentgrass Greens

Tournament Stimpmeter: 10.5 ft. … Slower green speeds
Green Sizes: 7,000 sq. feet .. Large Green Sizes
Strength of Field Rating: 200-250 OWGR … Weaker than Average Field Strength
Fairways Hit (Field Average): 67.7% …Easy-to-Hit Fairways
Greens in Regulation (Field Average): 65.9% … Easier-than-Average Greens to Hit

Tournament Angles

Par 70 CoursesBentgrass GreensWeak Field

Previous Winners

2014: Angel Cabrera -16 over George McNeill -14
2013: Jonas Blixt -13 over Steven Bowditch, Matt Jones, Jimmy Walker, Johnson Wagner -11
2012: Ted Potter Jr. -16 over Troy Kelly in a Playoff
2011: Scott Stallings -10 over Bob Estes, Bill Haas in a playoff
2010: Stuart Appleby -22 over Jeff Overton -21

54-Hole Leaders

2014: Billy Hurley III -12
2013: Johnson Wagner -14
2012: Webb Simpson -14
2011: Anthony Kim -10
2010: Jeff Overton -18

36-Hole Leaders

2014: Billy Hurley -9
2013: Matt Every -9
2012: Webb Simpson -9
2011: Brendon de Jonge, Webb Simpson -7
2010: Jeff Overton -14

Victiv Golf Contests

Course Horses

Bill Haas… 23rd-9th-33rd-2nd
Brendon de Jonge… 64th-17th-52nd-4th-3rd
Ted Potter Jr.… 26th-6th-1st

Podium Stars (since 2008)


Important Interview Quotes

THE MODERATOR: We’d like to welcome Bubba Watson into the interview room here at the Greenbrier Classic, making his second start at this event, finished tied for 30th last year. Bubba, welcome back. It’s almost home sweet home for you though. Welcome back to the Greenbrier.
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, for sure. Been living here for about a month off and on. Moved into my house about a month ago, so, yeah, it’s nice.

Q. Want to ask about that. Kind of comment on the comfort level you have here, and when you feel good about a course when you come into it, how that helps you through the week?
JIMMY WALKER: I think it helps you. A lot of the golf courses for me are tee shots. I like a lot of the tee shots out here. For whatever reason, I haven’t figured it out because I try to make the golf courses I don’t see really well work. But like a lot of guys will tell you, they see the shots better at a certain place.

Q. How does your game and the course match up?
STEVE STRICKER: Yeah, it’s a good course. I was talking to somebody earlier. I don’t know if it favors any type of golfer here. I don’t think it favors a bomber. I don’t think it favors a short hitter. I think you’ve got to hit it straight. You’ve got to stay out of the rough, and you’ve got to hit some decent iron shots. The greens are putting well. They’re rolling true. So it kind of takes a complete game here, I think. That’s what you’re going to have to do to play well. That’s what I’m going to have to do to play well.
You’ll have to give yourself opportunities out of the fairway, for sure. The rough is just thick enough where it’s hard to control. If you’re in the rough, you can’t be as aggressive into the green. So it’s playing pretty long too. The fairways are soft, but they’ll dry out a little bit as we get going on. But it’s going to take a well?rounded player playing at the top of his game this week. You’re not going to fake it around here at all, I don’t think. It’s a good course, and it’s a good test.

Q. And what do you think of this golf course? Is this your first week seeing it?
PATRICK RODGERS: Yeah. My first time being here was Monday. So really cool. I always have a high regard for old, classic golf courses with kind of the classic design, on a flat piece of property.
You know, you got the third hole with the classic template Biarritz and then the Redan hole. It’s a pretty special place, so I think it suits my game well and I’m excited to play the next three days.

Q. Is this a course where you can use your length to your advantage or do you have to kind of reel it in a little bit?
J.B. HOLMES: You know, this is a good golf course because on some holes it does give me the advantage and some holes you do have to reel it back a little bit. I think it’s a good golf course. It’s one of those weeks where you don’t usually see a big hitter always winning it or a short hitter always winning it or great short?game player. The tournament’s kind of had all kinds of winners. So it’s kind of one of those golf courses that anybody can win. So it’s a fun week.

Q. Jason, we hear from a lot of the golfers that because there’s so much going on here, it’s a great family week, but does this make it a different and almost distracting event for that reason because there’s so much to do for your family and everybody else?
JASON BOHN: Yeah, it’s all how you look at it actually, you can make yourself be distracted, for sure, or you can just enjoy your time away from the golf course. There’s lots of times when we go away from the golf course that there’s nothing to do. So this is great. And we see a lot of our families here, a lot of our friends, all the kids are having fun. So yeah, to go lounge by the pool is not so bad.
But yeah, you can use it to your advantage or your disadvantage, for sure.

Q. Is it almost a brand new course, does that take away from your momentum from last year at all?
STUART APPLEBY: You know, it’s a different golf course. I guess if you look at Kapalua it was the same every year. Wind varied but it’s really the same golf course. This is definitely different. 2 is a good example of that. We have some new greens so temperatures could play a bit of a role. Certainly 2, you look at that big sunken dip on the left, well, you try to come with a 3-iron on the left, that is nothing like hitting a 7-iron. 7-iron you can start picking where you hit it on the green. I’m just happy to hit the 3-iron on the green.
There’s a lot of golf course out there now. There’s some well-placed rough and bunkers and the fairways are a lot wider now considering that we have got all of the softness, but if things start bouncing, balls start moving off to that rough, the rough is not thick as in long but just enough to really concern you.
The course is certainly — I don’t see 59 there. Anyone shooting lower than a 65 has had a very good round of golf. -2011

Q. Being a Triangle guy, you know the humidity. This is a little bit different for us here, but maybe not you.
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I feel right home. It’s been upper 90s back in Charlotte probably the last three weeks. So it’s a little hot. But it makes the ball go further, and you just gotta deal with it. I think it’s going to cool off a little for us this weekend.

Q. What was the difference today? A lot of guys are shooting better numbers. First two days were brutal out there. Is the course set up easier today?
BILL HAAS: I think it’s drier and it’s getting hotter and the fairways have just gotten firmer so it’s playing a little shorter. If you hit a nice tee shot, you have a lot wedges in.
But I don’t know. I think like you said, I guarantee there will be some (indiscernible) as far as scores just because it’s tricky. If you don’t get it in the right spot off the tee you can’t really get to these pins. These greens are firm. It can just be a noose.
So it’s imperative to know where the pin is off the tee so you can maybe miss it to one side of the fairway

Q. What was it about this course that suited your game?
ANDRES ROMERO: (Through translation.) The fairways in Canada were so narrow, and so this week they were huge here.
So that makes me feel confident in my driving and all my game. I’m good position.

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