Sanderson Farms Championship – Fantasy Golfanac

Course Details

Country Club of Jackson in Jackson, Mississippi
7,421 yards – Par 72 – Bermuda Greens
Course Architect: Dick Wilson (1962) ; Resign by John Fought (2008)

Stimp: 12 to 12.5 feet .. Faster than Average Green Speeds
Strength of Field Rating: ~35 OWGR … Weak Field Strength
Fairways Hit (Field Average): ~54% … Harder-than-Average Fairways to Hit
Greens in Regulation (Field Average): ~70% … Easy Greens to Hit

Tournament Angles

#1 Par 72 Courses
#2 Bermuda Greens
#3 Weak Field Events
#4 Easy-to-Hit Greens
#5 Performance in the Fall

Previous Winners

2017: Cody Gribble -20 over Chris Kirk, Luke List, Greg Owen -16
2016: Peter Malnati -18 over William McGirt and David Toms -17
2015: Nick Taylor -16 over Jason Bohn, Boo Weekley -14

54-Hole Leaders

2017: Chris Kirk, Luke List -14
2016: Patton Kizzire, David Toms -14
2015: John Rollins -14

36-Hole Leaders

2017: Grayson Murray -12
2016: Roberto Castro -15
2015: John Rollins, David Toms -10

Important Interview Quotes

Q. Tell me a little bit about the rough because you see it and it doesn’t look very thick, and yet I go up and it’s like an inch and a half, two inches, and the ball is sinking down to the bottom.
Yeah, for sure, it’s Bermuda rough. It’s healthy. It’s healthy but thin enough to where it goes down, and it’s tough, man. It’s tough. Any time you have Bermuda — I think Bermuda rough is tougher than the long rye rough. I managed to stay away from it most of the day, and it worked out. -2016

Q. For you, you have to have the feeling that if you start hitting greens, this is a place where with your putter you can really do some damage?
Yeah, the greens are pure. They are very, very grainy, but they’re quick and dry. Provided you leave yourself opportunities uphill, you can have a lot of looks for birdie, so it’s about getting it in play. It’s paramount around this golf course, and you’ve got a lot of opportunities with quite a few wedges in your hand, so you can definitely see a pretty low score out there. -2016

Q. What’s the difference in this golf course compared to obviously waterlogged last year; does it play into your hands the way it’s playing right now?
Yeah, I mean, it’s playing great. The golf course is in great shape. I thought they’ve done a great job. It’s nice to see them have good weather because last year it was terrible for them, like 16 inches of rain. So it was nice to see them get some good weather. They deserved it. They put on a great tournament. The scores are low. The greens are so good to where if you’re putting well, you’re going to make putts. If you’re driving it in the fairway and you’re putting well, you’re going to shoot some low scores. -2016

Q. You played really well here last year the first two days, and I remember you talking about how much you liked this course, how it fit your game. Obviously the same thing happened today. Can you expand on that for us?
Yeah, I grew up in the South, grew up on Bermuda fairways, grew up with Bermuda rough, and the greens I grew up on weren’t quite this good Bermuda, but still pretty darned good.

I’m just comfortable. I’m pretty good at reading the lies if I miss a fairway or miss a green, and I just like it. It’s a good driving course and hit a bunch of greens, you can make some putts because the greens are so good. It kind of plays into my game. I usually hit it pretty good and straight enough, so it’s a good course. Good course for everybody. Nobody has an advantage because it’s in such good shape, but if you hit it in the fairway, hit it on the greens, the greens are absolutely perfect. Guys are going to make putts all week. -2016

Q. Second start of his rookie year and Grayson Murray leads by two after two rounds here at the Sanderson Farms Championship. For you the statistics say that you’re hitting it great. You proved it on the ninth hole, your closing one, to get a birdie. How do you feel about the way you’re striking the ball compared to your first week out at Safeway Open?
I was striking it a lot better than my first tournament. I don’t know if I can just — I think I see these holes very well. They set up to my eye, unlike Safeway I had to go over a lot of trees off the tees. This one just kind of lets me unleash my driver, and that’s really my best club in the bag right now. So as much time as I can put that in my hand, that’s what I’m going to do. -2016

Q. What do you feel about this golf course, does it suit your game?
I think so. I think the par-5s suit my game for sure, being able to hit drivers and then hitting some longer clubs into the green, just being able to get it out around the green I think is a big advantage. There’s a few where I’ve been able to hit irons on to the green which really helps, and I think just being able — the fairways are pretty tight, being able to get your drives up there far enough where you’re hitting wedges out of the rough as opposed to mid to long irons I think has been an advantage. You can kind of predict the Flyers a little easier that way. -2016

Q. Is there anything special about the Jackson Country Club course that gives you an advantage or made you feel more comfortable as you were coming in off the last holes?
Yeah. Well, first, being in the South, growing up on Bermuda fairways, Bermuda greens, it’s something difficult, I think. There were some places in there, I think even on 15 — I think it was 15, yeah, there’s some grain running into you. It’s not a comfortable feeling when you’re having to hit a chip that all that grain is tight going into you. That’s something I’ve been able to learn from a young age, and Randy has done a really good job helping me do that through the years.

But really that, and just the Southern hospitality, great food, great people. Reminds me of home. -2016

Q. All things considered, the weather conditions and everything else, you’ve had a good time, you enjoyed the Sanderson Farms?
Yeah, I really like this golf course. Being wet wasn’t the greatest thing in the world for me. Patton was hitting it 30 and 40 yards by me all the time. I look forward to coming back next year when it’s a little bit firmer and having another good week. -2015

Q. And you said they’re good speed. What does that mean?
Well, they’re not fast enough that you’re going to have to worry too much about your speed. Sometimes we get firm and fast greens, and you know, they become troublesome, you know, where you leave it. But the greens are — and the greens don’t have a ton of slope from one way or the other. So if you get it inside 20 feet, you feel like you’re going to have a chance to make it and be aggressive with it. That’s what I mean, if they’re not too fast, you can be aggressive. -2015

Q. Finished T-2nd here last year. This is the first year we played Country Club of Jackson. What was it about the course that fit your eye and that you liked?
It’s kind of tree lined. It’s kind of traditional. You look at all the other golf courses that’s before they started Tiger-proofing it and making it silly golf instead of actually golf. It’s a golf course that you can actually go out and tee it up, and you don’t have to hit driver on every hole. You can actually work the ball a little bit around the golf course and makes it fun to play it. -2015

Q. You’ve played a lot of golf in this part of the country. Do you like this place?
Yeah, I do. I played here as a junior golfer. I played here as a college golfer. I haven’t obviously played this redo of the golf course. I was anxious to get here and see what it was all about, and I think there’s some nice changes, and obviously the Bermuda greens add something to the golf course where you have to really pick your spots. It’s been good so far for me. -2014

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