Player Spotlight: Ryan Braun

braun.jpgJust how good was Ryan Braun’s Rookie of the Year campaign? His .634 Slugging Percentage was the highest of any ROY since Willie McCovey in 1959. This list of past ROY’s is full of great power hitters such as: Albert Pujols, Mark McGwire, Ryan Howard, Jose Cansesco, and more. What about by age? Only five players have hit for a higher Slugging % at age 23, those five players are: Willie Mays, Albert Pujols, Rudy York, Ted Williams, and Hal Trosky. Three of those five players are some of the greatest players to play the game. How well did he contribute to his team? Well, his Runs Created per Game of 8.8 is second of all ROY’s over the past 10 years. Second only to Albert Pujols. Braun managed to hit a Home Run every 13.26 At-Bats his rookie year. How good is that number? Only three players have a career AB/HR better than that (Babe Ruth, Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire) That’s an impressive list to be in the company of. Some comparable players by age or seasons include: Orlando Cepeda, Vladimir Guerrero, Juan Gonzalez, and Mike Piazza. What can you expect in 2008? I’d expect a small, very small regression as pitchers learn some of his tendencies.

2008 Prediction: .311/.365/.585 with 105 runs, 38 Home Runs, 124 RBIs with 14 SBs in 142 Games


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