Player Spotlight: CP3

Chris Paul - From slamonline.comWe will start out our first player spotlight, a column we hope to do daily, with a very well-known, but still somewhat under the radar player in Chris Paul.

Chris Paul went from a top five point guard last year, in talent and numbers, to this year being the #1 fantasy point guard and the #1 fantasy player overall. He should be the #1 fantasy player with his contributions in every category except blocks. Look at his averages: 21.7 pts, 10.4 assists (3rd in the NBA), 3.8 rebounds, 1.1 threes and a league leading 2.8 steals per game, all of this while shooting 49% from the field and 88% from the free throw line. CP3 is an absolute fantasy beast this year. He is putting up monster stat lines every night and his team is winning, whats not to like about this guy?

If you ever get a chance to watch him play make sure that you do because he makes the game exciting to watch and you can definitely tell when he is not in the game because when he is on the bench the game has a noticeably different flow to it. Last Friday CP3 and his Hornets took on D-Wade and the Heat on ESPN and Chris Paul and the Hornets put on a show, CP3 definitely looked like the best player on the floor that night (16 points and 16 assists, 7-7 from the floor and 2-2 from three) and, most nights, he is the best player on the floor.

This year, Chris Paul is emerging as the fantasy stud many knew he could be but I would expect him to be a mainstay in the top 6 picks in your fantasy drafts for years to come, by the way, this fantasy stud is only 22 years old!

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