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Course Details

Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, North Carolina
7,600 yards – Par 71 – Champion Bermudagrass Greens

Tournament Stimpmeter: 12+ Feet … Above Average Green Speeds
Green Sizes: 6,500 sq. feet .. Average Green Sizes

Fairways Hit (Field Average): 50% … Some of the Toughest Fairways To Hit on TOUR
Greens in Regulation (Field Average): 63% … Average GIR Percentage
Driving Distance (Field Average): 287 yards … Driver-Heavy Course

PGA Championship Course Rotation

2016: Baltusrol Golf Club
2015: Whistling Straits
2014: Valhalla Golf Club
2013: Oak Hill Country Club
2012: Kiawah Island Golf Resort
2011: Atlantic Athletic Club
2010: Whistling Straits

Tournament Angles

#1 Bermuda Greens
#2 Majors
#3 Long Courses
#4 Fast Greens
#5 Driver-Heavy Courses
#6 Hard Courses
#7 Performance in the Summer
#8 Performance in Hot Weather
#9 Hard-to-Hit Fairways
#10 Strong Field Events

Previous Winners

2016: Jimmy Walker -14 over Jason Day -13
2015: Jason Day -20 over Jordan Spieth -17
2014: Rory McIlroy -16 over Phil Mickelson -15
2013: Jason Dufner -10 over Jim Furyk -8
2012: Rory McIlroy -13 over David Lynn -5
2011: Keegan Bradley -8 over Jason Dufner in a playoff
2010: Martin Kaymer -11 over Bubba Watson in a playoff

54-Hole Leaders

2016: Jimmy Walker -11
2015: Jason Day -15
2014: Rory McIlroy -13
2013: Jim Furyk -9
2012: Rory McIlroy -7
2011: Jason Dufner, Brendan Steele -7
2010: Nick Watney -13

36-Hole Leaders

2016: Jimmy Walker, Robert Streb -9
2015: Matt Jones -11
2014: Rory McIlroy -9
2013: Jason Dufner -9
2012: Carl Pettersson, Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh -4
2011: Keegan Bradley, Jason Dufner -5
2010: Matt Kuchar -8

Important Interview Quotes

COURSE CHANGES: In 89 days last summer, the Quail Hollow crew –including designer Tom Fazio – turned the course into a challenging venue fit for a major. The first hole is redesigned, as are the fourth and fifth holes. The ninth and 11th holes were altered.

“Right away from the first tee shot, it’ll be different,” Mengel said.

There has also been an emphasis on improving the spectator experience. Nearly 1,000 trees were cleared to improve vantage points along the course. Mengel said the crew is installing thousands of bleacher seats, including two large bleachers on the green behind the fourth hole. -2017, Charlotte Observer

JIMMY WALKER: “It has the potential to play completely different than it used to,” Walker said at a news conference Monday to promote Charlotte’s first golf major.

“We’re used to playing it with rye grass everywhere. It has a potential (with Bermuda) to play really firm and really fast. That’s when golf gets really hard, when you start losing control of the golf ball,” Walker said.

“Bermuda rough tends to fly a lot, or it could come out where you get some horrendous lies. Guys are going to have to deal with that: ‘Am I going to get the big jumper?’ Or ‘Will I get the really soft shot that comes out?’

“Even around the greens, Bermuda rough is very hard to chip out of. The greens ought to be fast, and that’s the biggest variable, I would think.” – 2017,

COURSE CHANGES: The front nine will get three new holes starting at No. 1, which will be converted from a relatively short par-4 into a longer par-4 for professionals (par-5 for members).

The change will eliminate the par-3 second hole to allow for the new first green which will be located near the current second green.

The par-5 fifth hole will also go away and in its place will be a par-3 and a par-4 hole.

The sixth through ninth holes will remain the same.

The par-4 11th hole may also be redesigned, moving the green to add length to the hole. A fairway bunker will likely be moved approximately 80 yards farther from the tee to bring it back into play.

The design changes are part of a plan that began with the creation of a new 16th hole in 2013.

The work is scheduled to be done this summer when the putting surfaces are being switched from Mini Verde bermuda to Champion due to issues with the current grass. -2016, Charlotte Observer

JOHN BUSH: Here at the Wells Fargo Championship this will be your fourth start, a T-6 here last year. Get some comments on this golf course and how it sets up for your game.
I feel at home here. Both my parents grew up in Charlotte. Spent a lot of time in this area of my life. My brother-in-law is a member here. Played the golf course a bunch. Love the golf course, sets up perfect for my game.
Played well last year. Got into the mix. Played in the last group on Saturday and second to the last group on Sunday. Very familiar with the golf course and looking forward to getting going tomorrow. -2015

Q. Finally, since you played the golf course so much is your caddy, Paul Tesori, helping you with strategy?
He’s won here. It’s my home course but he’s won here. If I tell him leave me alone he’s always bringing that win up with Sean O’Hair. We have a good mix this week. -2015

Q. What is it about this golf course that you like so much?
Just certain holes really fit my eye. As I was telling my caddy, just reminds me a lot of Royal Oaks but just much bigger version of Royal Oaks. Tree-lined. When I just step on the tee I feel very, very comfortable out here. -2015

Q. Really played some great golf around this course for the first two days. First time here as a professional.
Yeah, thanks. It was great. Lots of fun to be out there and this golf course just sets up really well for me. Lot of holes turn right to left and I can hit a big high draw. Kind of my go to shot. I’m able to really put myself in good position off the tee and it’s yielded some good scores. -2015

Q. What is it about this golf course you like?
North Carolina turf and just the vibe of being in North Carolina. Obviously love the golf course, the layout. Beautiful, big tree, old school. One of the best golf courses we play on Tour.
Challenging green complexes. You get above the hole, it’s very fast. Get pin high and got some sweeping putts. If you’re putting well, you should do pretty well around here. -2015

Q. Phil, you’ve always played well here. You’re the leading money winner at this tournament yet you’ve never won the trophy. How important would it be to win?
It’s a course, again, that I feel like I should play well on. The irony of the situation, I’ve actually won at Sawgrass, last week’s event, which is just unbelievable.

I haven’t won here where it’s such a perfectly suited golf course for me that here at Quail Hollow that that’s kind of the irony of the situation. I’m looking to try to fix that. -2015

Q. (No microphone.)
It’s one of the best tee-to-green golf courses in the world, and what Tom Fazio has done is just perfect, just perfect, and he has enhanced them.
When the PGA comes here in a couple of years and you’ve got these greens firm and quick, the subtleties and the nuances will be brought out and it will be even better. He did such a great job. This has become one of my favorite courses anywhere in the world and I think one of the best courses anywhere in the world. -2014

Q. In your five appearances prior to this year you have just one top-5 finish here at the Wells Fargo Championship, which may be surprising considering that you are a member here at Quail Hollow. How do you manage your emotions and your mentality for the week?
It’s tough. My first couple of years I missed the cut, that was actually before I was a member. That’s my excuse! (Chuckles.) I’ve learned to use all the energy from all the people here supporting me in a good way. And it makes it more of fun when you play well, so I relax in a sense because I know it so well. I know the golf course and I know the breaks, and it’s relaxing knowing I don’t have to play that hard. -2014

Q. Is this a good time to be on your home course?
I think it is. There is a comfort here, familiarity here that before I even teed it up I think helps me. I know different wind directions, pin placements. I think it hurt me the first couple years here. I put too much pressure on myself, but I’m not putting any pressure on myself this year. It’s more just I know that, hey, you know this golf course as good as anybody. So use that to your advantage. -2014

Q. Rory, being a past champion here and you’ve won on this golf course with the Bentgrass greens, now the Bermuda. You had a chance to play them today. How are they? They have only been in since fall of last year.
They’re obviously new greens but the surfaces are really good. I think the characteristics of most of the greens are the same but some of the slopes aren’t as severe as they used to be and I think that’s a good thing. They’re obviously still gradual slopes and they feed off the greens but some of the slopes on greens aren’t as severe, which is a good thing. -2014

Q. How do you like this course?
ANGEL CABRERA: Honestly it’s a course that let’s me hit driver a lot and for that reason it probably fits my game well, and that’s probably why I play well here. -2014

Q. What are your thoughts on this golf course as it pertains to this game and is it a place you like to come to?
I think it’s a championship golf course and you have to move the ball both ways off the tee, which I think suits my tee, and it’s a good-iron play golf course, which typically suits my game, hasn’t been sharp this year but it’s coming around, and the greens are putting well, so I feel like I’m reading them well right now. Every hole pretty much suits my eye, and I know how to play this golf course and get round it, and I’ve done well here in the past. I have played some good rounds and I seem to be comfortable. -2014

Q. What is it about Quail Hollow? Do you play a better course all year?
Probably not. You know, I really like this style of course. We play a few of them during the year, here, Akron, Muirfield Village, all sort of traditional, tree-lined golf courses that really appeals to me, and you’re just happy to be back there. -2012

Q. What are some other courses like this where you’ve really got to be careful of run-outs on some of these putts?
Well, Augusta comes to mind. I’ve only played there twice, but it’s a lot of the same stuff. You hit it 30 feet and very rarely is it uphill right to left. It’s up and over, maybe down, whatever. But Memorial, Westchester when they were faster like that just because of the undulations. Man, I guess any of the — really any of the northeast courses we play and any U.S. Open course. You’ve got to be careful. The smart shot is 25 feet, and the next smart one is where you want to tap in from. -2009

Q. Can you talk about your game? Obviously last year this course suited you pretty well. Are you confident this week?
Yeah, I like it here. It’s definitely a ball-striker’s golf course, and when you’re hitting it good you’re able to get to some of the holes, and then if you putt well, obviously. But it does suit me because there’s a lot of draw tee shots, and it’s playing fast.
Length is a strength for me, so I can get some shorter clubs in. But a lot of the holes I just stand up on the tee and they look good to me. I’ve had good success here, I like it, and pretty much a home game for me. -2007

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Tournament Notes

Green Changes: The greens at Quail Hollow have been switched from bentgrass to bermuda ahead of the 2014 edition. Now they are changing the particular type of bermuda ahead of the PGA Championship. For information on switching to Champion Bermuda, read this great piece on Global Golf. A quick summary: greens will be very firm and bouncy over the first few years and much less receptive. They also have less grain than typical bermuda so putts will roll true.