Patrick Corbin gets the Call, Trevor Bauer still Waiting

Josh Collmenter has been atrocious for the Diamondbacks this year. In fact, he was so bad that he is now demoted to the bullpen. This came as a surprise to no one. The promotion of Patrick Corbin rather than Trevor Bauer or Tyler Skaggs… now that was surprising. Bauer and Skaggs are the stud prospects that everyone has been watching but Corbin sneaked in there under the radar.

Patrick Corbin is a crafty lefty that was a “throw-in” for the trade that sent Dan Haren to Los Angeles. I put quotes around throw-in because Corbin is slightly better than your average throw-in, and the Angels certainly weren’t happy to see him go. Most of his comparable pitchers really struggled during their rookie season so I wouldn’t recommend picking him up in any fantasy leagues unless you are in a Diamondbacks-Only League. If I had to guess, Patrick Corbin is just a placeholder in the rotation until Trevor Bauer gets the call in early June.

Comparable Pitchers: Randy Wolf, Ted Lilly, David Huff

2012 Prediction: 85 Innings – 4 Wins – 4.54 ERA – 1.40 WHIP – 76 K – 35 BB

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  1. Patrick Corbin to replace Josh Collmenter was the right move for now by the Arizona Diamondbacks. Corbin had a great spring so he should get the call first & if it does not work with him than the D’Backs should call Tyler Skaggs next because he has had a better record in the minors then Trevor Bauer but either three you can’t loss. No matter what all three of these players will have great careers with the D’Backs & you can count on that.

  2. Good point. Might as well try to lesser prospect at first to see if he works out. Will also keep Skaggs/Bauer under team control for another year if Corbin can hold down the rotation spot long enough.


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