10 Pitchers to Avoid in 2009

Ever wish you could know who’s going to get injured in the upcoming season? Well, it’s not possible. However, by looking at trends of the past, we can gather a list of pitchers that have an increased chance of hurting their precious throwing devices. Historically when young pitchers increase their workload dramatically, it takes a […]

Evaluating Hitting Prospects

This is the second installment of the Prospect Evaluation guide.  The first part was focused on pitching, while this one is focused on hitting.  It will discuss the most relevant stats for evaluating hitting prospects, describe the stats to steer clear of and provide an outlook on the future of statistics. Retrieving Stats Just like […]

Thoughts to Ponder

I’m going to start off the New Year right by posting a new article every week with just some thoughts that I have about anything fantasy.  I would also like to get input from the readers on ideas for the next thought to ponder. My first Thought to Ponder is NBA coaches. I have so […]