5 Pitchers to Sell High

We are now at the All-Star Break, so there is no better time than now to sell high on some of your players who are overachieving.  Here are five pitchers whose value is almost certainly at it’s peak: 1. Tommy Hanson. The hype machine known as Tommy Hanson will return great value on the trade […]

Prospect Spotlight: Tyler Robertson

Standing tall at 6 feet 5 inches, 21 year old Minnesota Twins pitching prospect, Tyler Robertson, is quite the presence on the mound.  Any pitcher with that kind of height is going to blow hitters away with 95 MPH fastballs, right?  Not so fast, Robertson’s fastball consisently radars in between 85-90 MPH. Without the Backyard […]

Dog of the Day: Red Sox +130

My first dog of the day failed when Johnathan Lackey got ousted by the Rangers, but this one looks like a real winner. Boston Red Sox +130 at Detroit Tigers Daisuke Matsuzaka vs Rick Porcello What’s not to love? Dice-K is 0-3 with a 8.82 ERA facing the hottest pitcher in the league.  Porcello led […]

Prospect Spotlight: Jeremy Hellickson

Who’s more qualified to scout Rays prospect Jeremy Hellickson than someone who has batted against him like I have?  Okay, so the last time I hit vs. Hellickson was six years ago, but his repertoire was just as nasty back then.   Hellickson is from Des Moines, Iowa, not exactly a baseball hot bed, so you […]

Dog of the Day: LAA Angels

Now, I’m no degenerate gambler, but I don’t mind taking a look at the Vegas Odds every now and then.  The “Dog of the Day” is a new thing I will be doing from time to time.  This won’t be daily, but I will post whenever I see a valued Underdog.  It will be interesting […]