AL Rookie of the Year Watch

The first week of the NFL season is such a treat.  Every team has an equal chance of having a successful season.  You can feel the hope from every team.  However, for baseball fans, the first week of NFL signals that the end is near for the MLB.  With only a couple weeks left, let’s […]

David Wright’s New Helmet

David Wright either has a tiny head or his new helmet is huge, you be the judge: Some players refuse to wear these new helmets that provide better protection, and for good reason.  I think we’ll see a small group of players adopt this helmet style, but the majority of players will prefer fashion over […]

NBA: All-Rookie Team

The 2009 NBA Draft was said to have a weak draft class. As far as top-level talent, that is certainly true, but I feel that the 2009 Draft was solid from pick 1 to pick 60. While it may not have too many future superstars, there should be a fair number of solid NBA players […]

Prospect Spotlight: Madison Bumgarner

Is the Giants uber prospect Madison Bumgarner the next Giant ready to join the Cy Young tradition, or is he a back of the rotation inning eater? The 6’5″ frame that throws a plus-plus fastball coming from a southpaw suggests that we are watching an ace blossom right before our eyes. On the other hand, Bumgarner […]

Prospect Spotlight: Alcides Escobar

The Milwaukee Brewers made an interesting move yesterday, promoting elite short stop prospect Alcides Escobar to the big leagues, while demoting J.J. Hardy.  Hardy’s .229 Batting Average just wasn’t cutting it anymore, even though he is just two years removed from being an All-Star.  Escobar won’t ever replicate Hardy’s power numbers, but his speed and […]