NL Rookie of the Year Watch

Each year the Baseball Writers Association of America votes on who they think was the rookie of the year in each league. Trying to guess their thought process is a crap shoot. Do they base is solely on performance? Not quite, just how was 2004 Bobby Crosby more valuable than 2004 Zack Greinke? Do they […]

AL Rookie of the Year Watch

The first week of the NFL season is such a treat.  Every team has an equal chance of having a successful season.  You can feel the hope from every team.  However, for baseball fans, the first week of NFL signals that the end is near for the MLB.  With only a couple weeks left, let’s […]

David Wright’s New Helmet

David Wright either has a tiny head or his new helmet is huge, you be the judge: Some players refuse to wear these new helmets that provide better protection, and for good reason.  I think we’ll see a small group of players adopt this helmet style, but the majority of players will prefer fashion over […]