Fantasy NBA: Week 5 Preview

The NBA has had plenty of early season injuries, especially to star players.  However, Week Four was more about people returning from injuries, rather than previous weeks when stars were dropping like flies.  Pau Gasol, Antawn Jamison, and Devin Harris all returned to the court last week.  Brandon Jennings also proved that he is mortal, […]

Fantasy NBA: Week 4 Preview

The injuries continue to pile up around the league. CP3, Josh Howard, Mareese Speights and Kelenna Azubuike all appear to have suffered serious injuries, and will be out for sometime. If your fantasy team has managed to stay healthy then you are likely sitting pretty within your league. Week Four Schedules Four GamesATL, CHA, CLE, […]

Fantasy NBA: Week 3 Preview

In week two we lost Kevin Martin and Tyrus Thomas to arm injuries. We also found out opting out of European competition is going to work wonders for Dirk Nowitzki. Lou Williams and Rajon Rondo are two young point guards that appear to have taken their game to the next level. Other youngsters that continue […]

Fantasy NBA: Week 2 Preview

The first week of any fantasy season is generally full of surprises. This week was no different. On a per-game basis, the top 5 players are Larry Hughes, Al Horford, Paul Pierce, Danilo Gallinari, and Josh Smith. You would have to be a serious prophet if you could have predicted even three of those players. […]