Getting paid to play Fantasy NHL

Draftstreet is the latest Daily Fantasy Sports website that I have joined. I’ve known about this website for a long time and finally decided to give it a try when I found out they had Fantasy PGA contests. I must say I am very impressed and their latest promotion is too good not to pass on to you guys. From now until the end of January they are paying you to play in NHL contests.

How does this work? At the end of the month, all DraftStreet users will automatically receive an INSTANT CASH REWARD based on total amount of buy-ins for NHL leagues played.

Play $20+ in NHL buy-ins? Earn $10 cash
Play $100+ in NHL buy-ins? Earn $40 cash
Play $500+ in NHL buy-ins? Earn $100 cash
Play $2,000+ in NHL buy-ins? Earn $200 cash

Example: Play in four $5 leagues throughout the week… that’s $20 in total buy-ins. Get $10 added to your account balance on Friday, February 1st.

If you’re like me and kind of new to Hockey then the Pick’em league style is perfect for you. They divide the players into eight “tiers” and you get to select one player from each tier. It’s a simple game type and it’s an easy way to learn more about the players.

While you’re at it, DraftStreet is also offering up a $300 NHL Freeroll this Friday as well as a $300 NBA Freeroll. Check out the website now by joining these free contests.

NBA Freeroll DraftStreet

Draftstreet NHL Freerol

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