Future of Fantasy DraftKings Golf Tour – Sony Open in Hawaii

Last week the Hyundai Tournament of Champions was a doozy. Scores were out of this world on DraftKings, exceeding 600 in many contests. Those no-cut events are the toughest weeks because you have to really hit your mark and not miss on any picks. That is exactly what PapaCub did, as he came from behind to win the fourth Future of Fantasy DraftKings Golf Tour event with a score of 610 points.

His team wasn’t flawless, but he had 15 rounds of sub-70 signed by his six golfers. Mister Patrick Reed led the charge with 136.5 DraftKings points while Sang-Moon Bae and Chris Kirk both exceeded 100 themselves. Ogilvy was the low-score of the team with just 81 DK points. Getting “just” 81 points from your worst selection is not something that will happen every week. The Plantation Course at Kapalua is one of the easiest courses these guys will play all year and the no-cut nature of the event prevents any duds.

I would also like to welcome peavyblur to the TOUR. His debut tournament yielded a strokes gained: DraftKings of +32.1 points. A very solid debut. Glad to have you. It’s not to late for anyone else to join, so don’t be shy this week. Let’s see how the FoF Golf Tour standings look now after four events.

Fantasy Golf Tour Standings after the Hyundai Tournament of Champions

Anteup11 is still cruisin’ on top, but the no-cut events are now over for a while. He’s finished top three in each of the no-cut events but took 10th place in our one full-field event. There may be hope for us all, after all!

I’ll be back later today with this week’s contest link as soon as the salaries are released. Stay tuned.

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  1. And in other news… JDavid is always ASSURED of having at least one player WD from a NON-CUT tournament! smh… (And on the positive… Still didn’t finish last after being a man down!)

  2. If we drop the “DK Points” from the leaderboard, can we add something like “Top 5” finishes? That would let people know how often people finished “in the money”… Or, maybe a “Money List”… Again, just thinking out loud… Not like my name is jumping around in ANY of the current or proposed categories! Ha!

  3. One of the responses further up, brings up a good point… What’s the reaction if one of the “write-in” rosters “Wins” an event? Obviously, the DK participants get the benefit of the cash, but who gets “official” credit for the “Win”?

    • I was considering that as well. I think the write-ins will still get credit for the win, just no cash. Those write-ins are due to DK’s Create-a-Contest not allowing flex entries, so it’s not their fault if they can’t enter before its full.


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