Future of Fantasy and Bragstr.com bring you Fantasy Sports Betting

The days of legalized gambling are nearly upon us. At least that is what I keep hearing for the past three years. Sports Betting is kind of like the legalization of marijuana, though. Everyone keeps saying it won’t be long before it finally gets pushed over the top, yet you keep getting letdown year after year. If you are tired of waiting, then Bragstr is perfect solution for you. Bragstr.com is a fantasy sports betting site for fans to demonstrate their knowledge of sports, while competing against their friends and/or enemies.

The best part about Bragstr is that you can win real prizes! For free. You don’t risk anything, all you have to do is bring your sports knowledge to the table, and then profit. Luckily for all you readers out there, we have teamed up with Bragstr to provide you a special league just for Future of Fantasy. What can you win? 1st place brings home a copy of Madden ’13, 2nd place gets a $50 gift card, you get a free t-shirt for finishing 3rd-5th place, and 6th-10th places rake in 1,000 Bragstr gold coins. Gold coins are virtual currency that can be used to increase your Bragstr bankroll.

Future of Fantasy League description

There you have it, five weeks to prove your knowledge of the NFL. If you are new to sports betting, fear not. This how-to screenshot will provide you with all the details you need to know about the Bragstr Sportsbook and sports betting lingo.


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