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Course Details

Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas
7,204 yards – Par 70 – Bentgrass Greens

Tournament Stimpmeter: 12 ft. … Average green speeds
Green Sizes: 4,400 sq. feet .. Tiny Green Sizes
Strength of Field Rating: ~350 OWGR … Average Field Strength
Fairways Hit (Field Average): ~57% … Harder than Average Fairways To Hit
Greens in Regulation (Field Average): ~65% … Average GIR Percentage
Driving Distance (Field Average): ~275 yards… Less-than-Driver Course

Tournament Angles

#1 Bentgrass Greens
#2 Texas Events
#3 Par 70 Courses
#4 Less-than-Driver Courses
#5 Windy Rounds

Previous Winners

2016: Jordan Spieth -17 over Harris English -14
2015: Chris Kirk -12 over Jason Bohn, Brandt Snedeker, Jordan Spieth -11
2014: Adam Scott -9 over Jason Dufner in playoff
2013: Boo Weekley -14 over Matt Kuchar -13
2012: Zach Johnson -12 over Jason Dufner -11
2011: David Toms -15 over Charlie Wi -14
2010: Zach Johnson -21 over Brian Davis -18

54-Hole Leaders

2016: Jordan Spieth -12
2015: Kevin Na -11
2014: David Toms, Hideki Matsuyama, Chris Stroud, Chad Campbell -7
2013: Matt Kuchar -11
2012: Jason Dufner -15
2011: Charlie Wi -13
2010: Brian Davis, Bryce Molder -16

36-Hole Leaders

2016: Webb Simpson, Martin Piller -8
2015: Kevin Na -10
2014: Brice Garnett -7
2013: Matt Kuchar -10
2012: Jason Dufner -11
2011: David Toms -16
2010: Bryce Molder -13

Important Interview Quotes

Q. Is this a course you figure you’re going to do pretty well on? Seems like it would suit your eye.
Yeah, it’s a shorter course, which is good for me. It does look good to me, and I like these greens. These greens are bent, and they roll really well. They remind me a lot of what I grew up on. So yeah, I think I’m comfortable here even though I haven’t been here in six years. -2016

Q. You’re a long hitter on a course that’s pretty tight, a shot-maker’s course. How do you find the course?
I think it’s a great golf course because guys with my length can play it and guys that don’t hit it as far as me can play it. What I mean by that is a lot of the bunkers I can fly, so I actually use my driver probably more than people think, and it sets up, I think, good for a guy that hits it far, as well. I like the golf course and like the way I’ve played it so far this tournament. -2016

Q. Is it the bentgrass greens?
Those are always nice. Any time you can get bentgrass greens, that just means one less factor. You don’t have all that really grainy Bermuda. But the one thing is around the greens here, and the fairways, they’re really grainy. You go from really grainy and then you get on the green and there’s not much. So you just have to take that into consideration and go, all right, there’s not a lot of grain on the greens, you just have to go out and putt with what you see. -2016

Q. This is a course that you certainly like to come to; did it fit your eye right from the start?
I am comfortable around this golf course, even though there’s three or four — no matter what shape you hit it, there’s going to be three or four uncomfortable shots out here for you because you’re going to have to work it both directions. But if you can kind of get past those holes — but more than anything, these greens, I absolutely love. I wait all year to get on bentgrass greens. We’re finally here. I putted well last week. So for me, that’s where I get my momentum. -2016

Q. What’s the comfort level of being able to sleep in your own bed here as a Fort Worth resident and be able to play a golf tournament so well?
Extremely comfortable. Yeah, it’s easy to not have to pack or not have to worry about a rental car at the end of the week and just go home and sleep in your own bed, and I can just cook and do whatever I need just like I’d normally be home. -2016

Q. What is it about this course that suits your game?
Oh, the course is fantastic, one of the best of the year. It requires all shots, requires you to work the ball both ways. One of my favorite events and weeks of the year is Hilton Head. Here is not too dissimilar. It’s tight, it’s tree-lined. If you hit it off line you can make some fun recovery shots, but driving the ball is just a crucial element of playing well here. -2016

Q. Do you like this place?
Oh, I love it. It reminds me of my favorite track back in India, the Delhi Golf Club. It’s all about navigation. You don’t have to go bombs away on every tee, and I really like that. You have to think your way around the golf course and play to your strengths, and yeah, I enjoy playing tracks like this. -2016

Q. This is an old-school golf course and it seems like it would be perfect for the way you play golf. Do you like the golf course?
Yeah, I love the golf course. It’s kind of got a good mix of holes. There’s some long holes. There’s some short holes. You kind of have to curve the ball a little bit and move in directions, and we’re almost playing from the same spot, all of us. You can’t push it too much on this golf course, so guys with the distance off the tee don’t have a huge advantage because there’s nowhere to really push it past you. I like those style of golf courses. When we’ve kind of got to play from the same spot out of the fairway or from the rough, I usually do pretty well. -2016

Q. Second straight week for you to be able to play at home. For you what is the comfort level, particularly at a place where your caddie James has been a club champion here, as well?
No, it is comfortable. Obviously a little disappointing what happened last week, but coming back where I’m a member at, where James and I play numerous rounds together with all the guys in a big game, it’s a golf course I can step on to each tee and don’t even need my yardage book. It was a solid day. I hit the ball well today. A few putts out there I think I left out, but overall to shoot 4-under out here on a Thursday, you’re never hurting. -2016

Q. This is one of the most iconic venues on the PGA TOUR and everybody talks about how great this course is. What do you have to do here to perform well?
PATRICK REED: You have to be in control. Around here you have to be completely in control of your golf swing and the golf ball because you miss a fairway by just a yard, depending on if you don’t miss it in the right spot, it’s so penalizing because the rough is — I wouldn’t say the rough is really thick, it’s that kind of rough that if the ball sits down you’re hacking. But 90 percent of the time you’re trying to figure out is it going to fly, is it not going to fly. It’s crucial here to hit fairways, and I felt like I did that pretty well today, and the ones I missed, I felt like I barely missed. -2016

Q. How were the conditions out there? It was obviously really wet, playing preferred lies?
Surprisingly, it wasn’t as wet as I thought. I mean, obviously we were playing for lift, clean and place today, which helped me a little bit. But it’s still tough out there. It’s very windy, and the course is playing a little bit longer than usual because fairways are soft. But greens are still firm, I think. I don’t know what any other players thought, but to me it was playing firm. You have to play really good, solid golf to shoot under par here right now. -2015

Q. Kevin, of all the courses on TOUR, where does this one rank in terms of how it suits your game and your eye, and a lot of the players that have had success here look back, they love this course. They think it fits them perfectly. Do you feel like that’s kind of the case?
Yeah. I think those two golf courses that gives the plaid jacket away, it kind of fits my game. I’d say somewhere around Top 5 that I like and it fits my eye.
I’d say here, Hilton Head, Sawgrass, even though I did take Hilton Head off. My back was bothering me. Here and Sawgrass. Those are the ones that just pops into my head right now. -2015

Q. Just one of these courses that suits your game? How would you sum that up?
Yeah, definitely so, it definitely does. It just kind of fits my eye and I’ve always liked greens here. So I’ve had some mixed results but some really good rounds and promising weeks here at this tournament, so I’m in good position again. -2015

Q. Even par today, how did you feel the course played?
Well, the course managed to hold up. First time I’ve played life, clean and place through the green. So it was nice that we got finished, just disappointing to not get it done. -2015

Q. How does Colonial suit your game like the Nelson did last week?
I think it suits it really well. It’s another golf course that’s tree-lined, demands accuracy off the tee, forces everybody to drive the ball to the same place which has always been something I’ve liked because it takes distance out of the game, and it becomes who is the most efficient from 150 yards. Then, also, this golf course doesn’t require a driver on every hole, which is another thing I think that suits my game as well. -2014

Q. You had mentioned earlier that this course takes distance out of the game. Do you think longer hitters actually have maybe somewhat of a disadvantage at this course? Could that be possible?
I think if there is anywhere, it might be here. I don’t really ever think having distance is a disadvantage, but because if you’re accurate and long that week, you’re going to give yourself a greater chance of scoring lower from hitting closer to the hole. But this golf course is going to require them to constantly hit clubs less than driver, and if they’re not comfortable with that, then it’s going to be a challenge for them. -2014

Q. How many times have you been able to play Colonial throughout your golfing career? Has it been that many?
It really hasn’t. I just haven’t been able to play the last couple of years. Whether it be fatigue, tired, a little hurt, needing to go home and just rest and relax. I’ve always had a bunch of qualifiers right around this time for the majors and stuff. So I haven’t played this since 2011. I think that was the first time I played it, so it’s been a while.
But I am a big fan of older designed golf courses, Perry Maxwell. I know this was done a while ago. I think it’s a great layout. There are so many bunkers off the tee that look like they’re in play, but they’re another 90 yards down the fairway. They’ve got good greens, good green complexes, and you have to think your way around the golf course. -2014

Q. Chad, you shot 61 here before. How comfortable do you feel on this course?
You know, I love this golf course. It’s one of my favorites all year, I come out here and play quite a bit during the year even when I’m home. So I’m pretty comfortable on it, and I obviously enjoy playing here. -2014

THE MODERATOR: Comment on this golf course. You’re making your third start here at Colonial.
Well, this is recognized by us as one of the best courses on TOUR, so there are a lot of good things to say about this. I’m going to enjoy the challenge this week. I think it’s going to give me a good indication of where certain areas of my game are at as we head into a pretty important part of the year coming into the summer. A lot of good golf will be played, and if I’m sharp with my wedges a hundred yards and in this week, which I’ve worked hard on this year, then I feel like I’m going to have a good week.

Q. Obviously, length off the tee is not really a disadvantage out on tour, but are there places on this course where maybe being long could be a little of a disadvantage?
No, no. That is always an advantage. There is no reason why length is never an advantage. You always have the ability to hit an iron. You always have the ability to play shorter. There are so many places it’s just an asset. Some people have it and some people don’t. That is, I think, never a bad thing. -2014

Q. Is it (length) less of an advantage here than in other places?
Hard to say. Hard to say. You wonder about those long guys, if they hit a 2-iron as far as I hit a driver, is it easier to hit a 2-iron on the fairway than it is a driver? I’m not sure. I always feel like I have a better chance of hitting the fairway if I’m hitting an iron off the tee than a driver. But certainly there are a lot of places where they can hit driver as an advantage. I don’t ever see having length as a disadvantage. -2014

Q. On a typical round out here, how often will you pull driver on the driving holes?
I think quite a bit. It was interesting watching Ryan Palmer go around last year, being a local guy that plays here quite a bit. When you feel like it’s more your home course when you’re playing just for fun, you’re not playing out of irons, irons just aren’t that much fun to hit off the tee. So Ryan is used to hitting driver off most tees.
So hitting drivers off the tee, I flip-flop every now and then between a driver, sometimes as a 3-wood. Watching a local guy pull driver there, maybe there is something to it. I hit driver there a bit, but that being said, My drive is a little different than some of the longer guys than some of the longer guys. But my driving accuracy is pretty strong. I think that’s a strength of mine. I try to use those strengths on certain holes where I can take an advantage. Maybe 9, if I’m feeling good with the driver to make that into a birdie hole and try to turn what a lot of times to get a par and get out of there into a legitimate shot at making birdie. -2014

Q. You’ve won at Harbour Town and had great success here. What kind of similarities do you see between the two courses?
Well, I mean, they’re different in certain aspects, but they’re both not power dominated golf courses. There is no need to overpower, nor can you overpower at Harbour Town. I think here there might be a few holes where length is an advantage, but for the most part it’s about putting the ball on the fairway and getting the ball on the right side of the hole and really placing your golf ball around here, which gets a lot more difficult in the wind. Lot of crosswinds and hard to keep the ball in the fairway and hard to control it out of this wiry rough.
So the idea, really, both courses suit a similar style. Same style of game. I think Boo Weekley has won three or four times on TOUR and I think it’s been those events, if I’m correct. No shocker there, I can see why he loves both courses. He’s a great ball striker. -2014

Q. You’ve only played here once before, which seems a little odd as a proud Texan, but what do you find from this golf course that suits your game particularly since you’re playing so well this season?
Reminds me a lot of the golf course I play at home in San Antonio called Oak Hills. We played the TOUR event out there for a long time. This golf course is a little longer, but it’s got the same look, feel, and same kind of green complexes and same type of fairways and how they run. So I feel like it’s kind of a home track just from the way it looks and kind of the way it plays.
So I was definitely excited to get back. I haven’t played in a while. Just been hurt and tore a meniscus in my knee a few years ago, had my neck go out at the Byron. So it’s nice to feel healthy and get back. -2014

Q. Talk about the different field playing Byron last week and the Colonial this week?
Yeah, it’s a very different field. They’re very different tournaments completely different golf courses, the atmosphere changes. We had a good following, and expect it even early tomorrow. It was awesome to see a lot of the kids out there rooting for us. This is one of my favorite tournaments of the year. It’s one of my favorite golf courses in the country, so I’m very excited every time we get to tee it up here. -2014

JOHN PETERSON: “I probably played here four or five hundred times,” Peterson said. “I kind of learned how to play out here.” -John Peterson –Dallas News, 2013

RYAN PALMER: “This is what I dream about when I play here every year,” Palmer said. ” This is the one tournament I gear up for the most.” –, 2013

All quotes from unless otherwise noted.

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