Conor G Cures The Panda Blues

Giants Third Baseman, Pablo Sandoval, will undergo surgery to repair a fractured left hamate bone. Maybe it was misreported and Pablo is actually out 4-6 weeks because he ate too much ham. Regardless, the Giants are going to be without Kung-Fu Panda for 4-6 weeks. As a result, Giants prospect Conor Gillaspie has been called up to protect the hot corner.

Don’t expect Conor G to fill the large shoes of Sandoval but he should be an adequate fill-in for a month. Judging by his success rate on the bases, 13 SB to 17 CS, you would suspect that Gillaspie is one giant oaf. That’s just not the case. Gillaspie actually has 16 career triples in 429 minor league games. Gillaspie doesn’t have plus-power, either. Gillaspie has a 60 At-Bat to HR ratio during his minor league career. So now we know Gillaspie won’t be used a a pinch runner and he won’t be called upon to hit a walk-off home run. Basically, he is a younger, less talented version of Aubrey Huff. A version of Huff that has 30 Double potential rather than 30 Home Run potential.

This won’t be Gillaspie’s first rodeo. He has been called up twice prior to today. Those trips resulted in 28 plate appearances, a .250 average, and one home run. Maybe this time he will stick around for good. Unlike the recent hyped-up Will Middlebrooks promotion, Gillaspie is flying under the radar. However, Gillaspie should provide about the same value without hurting your batting average in the process. He is worth a look in NL-Only leagues, for sure.

Comparable Players: James Loney, Andre Ethier, Adam LaRoche

2012 Prediction: 315 AB – 39 R – 9 HR – 49 RBI – 3 SB – .288 AVG

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