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  • AFC North Predictions

    Defensively Stout AFC North Projections

    The AFC North is known for their defense, and rightfully so. It seems like no matter which of these teams the opposition is put against they have to earn every yard they get. The lowest team in the 2013 season for yards allowed in the...

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  • 2014 AFC East Predictions

    The Underachieving AFC East Predictions

    I found my way back to writing about football after a long hiatus. I am glad to have the opportunity to write these articles again, it is something I am passionate about. Thanks to Josh Culp for giving me this opportunity. We will get started...

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  • Breakout

    24 Wide Receivers that will Breakout in 2014

    Mock drafts are in full swing and most of our season long drafts are just around the corner. In my final article prior to my Daily Fantasy Football positional breakdowns, I thought it would be helpful to highlight a number of breakout wide receivers candidates...

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  • DraftKings Tips

    10 Tips to improve your DraftKings NFL game

    Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read my first article on For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Kyle AKA SixBitsKyle and I’ve been playing fantasy sports for 12 years with my primary focus being on...

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  • Josh-Gordon-Browns-640

    The Futility of It All: Reflection on Sure Things

    On the Friday of nearly all fantasy football leagues’ championship weekend, the editor of this respective blog asked me to pick one must-play player for the week: that must-play was going to be LeSean McCoy. However, I wrote this crossing the state of Utah on...

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