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  • DraftKings-PlayAction

    The DraftKings Huddle: Thanksgiving Day (Week 13) Plays and Lineups

    Football, Turkey and Beer!  Thanksgiving is upon us and if you’re like me, you love playing Daily Fantasy Football on Turkey Day.  Given the holiday this week, I figured I would put together a short article for the Thanksgiving-only Thursday slate on Side note: ...

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  • Week 12 DK

    The DraftKings Huddle: Week 12 Plays and Lineups

    Another week in the books and another Daily Fantasy millionaire was crowned on DraftKings.  Once again it was the New England Patriots (specifically Jonas Gray) helped a manager from the Boston area ship the million.  Who will lead you to a Million Dollars this week?...

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  • Week 12 FanDuel

    FanDuel FFFC Qualifier: A Rookie Experience – Week 12

    I played a lineup last week but I couldn’t pull myself away from my beautiful new wife during our honeymoon to write a Week 11 article. My team was quite reasonably successful, I landed in 531st place out of 11,896 entries (95th percentile). It paid...

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  • MillyMaker640

    The DraftKings Huddle: Week 11 Plays and Lineups

    Week 11 is here and with it Millionaire Maker tournament returns to a $27 buy in.  This tourney continues to see some overlay so take advantage of it by heading over to and you could be the next DFS Millionaire.   One thing that...

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  • Fanduel-week-10-article

    FanDuel FFFC Week 10 – A Marriage Experience

    First things first, I’d like to congratulate Andrew on his marriage. He is tying the knot this Sunday, and therefore could not write this weekly piece. As someone who got married so recently, I wish him the best, and hope his big day is as...

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