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  • Victiv FF

    5 Reasons you need to try Victiv Daily Fantasy Sports

    Take a look to your right and what do you see? It’s an animated gif explaning the benefits of Victiv Fantasy Sports in a few easy steps. You get 100% of your initial deposit. It’s free to try, but you get the most bang for...

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  • NFC West Predictions

    The Toughest Division: NFC West

    The 7-9 Rams owned the worst record in the division last year, and you can’t really blame them for going 1-5 in this division. The poor Cardinals went 10-6 and didn’t get into the playoffs; they were 8-2 against teams outside of their division. The...

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  • NFC South Predictions

    The Dynamic NFC South

    There never seems to be a back-to-back winner of the NFC South. While this year could be different, history does tend to repeat itself. The Panthers are returning with a very solid team, but the shifting around of their offensive weapons could prove to have...

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  • NFC North Predictions

    King of the North: NFC North Predictions

    As long as Aaron Rodgers has a clean bill of health this will be the Packers division to lose in 2014. With the addition of Jared Allen and a clean slate on injuries, “Da Bears” should be contending for at least a wild card spot....

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  • NFC East Predictions

    Inconsistent NFC East Predictions

    I predict that this division will be the most turned upside down division in football. A division that used to be one of the toughest divisions for opponents has fizzled out and become very inconsistent. The defense of the Cowboys, and Eagles were about as...

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