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Course Details

TPC Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas in Irving, Texas
7,166 yards – Par 70 – Bentgrass Greens

Tournament Stimpmeter: 10.5 to 11 feet … Slower Green Speeds
Green Sizes: 6,000 sq. feet .. Average Green Sizes
Strength of Field Rating: 200-250 OWGR … Weak Field Strength
Fairways Hit (Field Average): ~54.5% … Hard-to-Hit Fairways
Greens in Regulation (Field Average): ~62% … Lower than Average GIR Percentage
Driving Distance (Field Average): ~284 yards … Slightly High Average Driving Distance

Tournament Angles

#1 Bentgrass Greens
#2 Slow Greens
#3 Texas Events
#4 Hard-to-Hit Fairways
#5 Windy Rounds

#6 Par 70 Courses
#7 Hard Courses
#8 TPC Courses
#9 Weak Field Events

Previous Winners

2016: Sergio Garcia -15 over Brooks Koepka in a playoff
2015: Steven Bowditch -18 over Charley Hoffman, Scott Pinckney, Jimmy Walker -14
2014: Brendon Todd -14 over Mike Weir -12
2013: Sangmoon Bae -13 over Keegan Bradley -11
2012: Jason Dufner -11 over Dicky Pride -10
2011: Keegan Bradley -3 over Ryan Palmer in a playoff
2010: Jason Day -10 over Brian Gay, Jeff Overton, Blake Adams -8

54-Hole Leaders

2016: Brooks Koepka -16
2015: Steven Bowditch -13
2014: Brendon Todd, Louis Oosthuizen -10
2013: Keegan Bradley -13
2012: Jason Dufner -8
2011: Ryan Palmer -5
2010: Jason Day -12

36-Hole Leaders

2016: Ben Crane -12
2015: Steven Bowditch, Jon Curran, Jimmy Walker -9
2014: Brendon Todd -8
2013: Keegan Bradley -11
2012: Jason Dufner -7
2011: Ryan Palmer, Sergio Garcia -8
2010: Blake Adams, Cameron Beckman -10

Important Interview Quotes

Q. Do you enjoy playing this course? Do you like this track?
I’ve had reasonable results here, couple of Top-20s before. I fell like it sets up well for me. It’s not an ugly, long, demanding course so gives me a lot of short irons and mid irons. -2016

Q. How often would you say you play, here because you’re always traveling on Tour? Is this where you practice predominantly?
I hit balls and practice a lot here. I workout here. They got a great facility for workout and golf. -2016

Q. In those 12 years that you lived here, how many times did you get a chance to play this course outside the tournament and just how comfortable are you on this course?
I didn’t play here a lot but I would say maybe a half dozen times but not much. But certainly, you know, here for the tournaments and couple outings and stuff here. But, you know, this is a busy golf course. They do a lot of rounds with the hotel and stuff so I generally just stayed home and played. -2016

Q. Sergio, first time you ever came here you shot 62 in the 1st Round and you obviously played well here ever since. What is it about this course, this location that seems to bring out the best from you?
I don’t know. I guess like you said, Texas has always been good to me. I’ve done fairly well pretty much every time I played here with some victories and stuff.

So, you know, I enjoy it. I’ve always enjoyed these kind of golf courses that usually are a little bit firmer than today. Unfortunately we got a lot of rain. But, it’s always a little bit breezy and, you know, you have to place the ball in the right spots and I’ve always enjoyed that kind of golf. -2016

Q. I wonder what makes you say that this course doesn’t fit your style of play. What is it about this course?
These crosswinds. I have a hard time trusting a high ball — I typically play a ball low. You can try and punch them out here but it’s hard to get to these back pins. We had a lot of tricky pins today and some of these bunkers I can’t fly and I just find myself playing better on courses where you have to maneuver different ball flights.
Here you can kind of launch it up in the air and far. I didn’t give myself enough looks inside of 15 feet today. That’s the only reason I’m at 1 and not better because I felt comfortable driving the ball and striking it. -2015

Q. Do you live in Irving or —
I live like three minutes away from the course. -2015

Q. You played well here every year, maybe your first one you didn’t but since then every year. What is it about this course that suits your eye?
I don’t know. I’ve always liked the golf course. I think it’s a fun course to play. Got to hit all kinds of shot. If you’re hitting the ball well you can make a lot of birdies.

You know, I think this is the first time I’ve played it when it was soft. You know, usually it’s firm and fast, which I really enjoy. You know, I’m hitting a lot more drivers off the tee than normal. Usually the fairways are so firm that I hit quite a few irons off the tees but this week wherever the ball flies is where it’s stopping. Just some — only difference is hitting a lot more club off the tee. -2015

Q. Have you lived in the area long enough for this to feel a little bit like a home town event for you or is that more Colonial or neither?
Yeah, it’s starting to feel that way, to be honest. Starting to get a lot more ticket requests (laughter). But, yeah, probably this one to be honest, this one I seem to get a lot more friends and family out to this one. Colonial is 45 minutes to an hour away from where I live. This one is not far. -2015

Q. I know it’s lift, clean and place but the course is obviously a little longer because it’s so wet right now.
It’s longer than it normally plays, of course. But as far as like I was telling them earlier, the lines day are no different. You know, you’re not going to get the bounce and the rolls but hitting the fairway is big. Get the ball in the hand, tee it up, especially under the soft conditions.
You get in some of the rough areas it’s still soft, spongy and not being able to cut any rough, it’s long. Hitting the fairways is crucial and lucky today I hit it good and was able to do that. -2015

Q. Kelly, being familiar with this area, do you remember a time when everything has been so saturated because of rains and also how — what’s your practice schedule been like the last few weeks with off and on rains and thunderstorms and all the severe weather that’s happened?
I don’t remember this much rain, ever. I played yesterday and I don’t think I’ve every played a golf course that has been this wet. That being said, it’s in good shape for being this wet. They’ve done a good job of trying to get the course ready as best they can.
You know, it’s just going to be a little different out there. -2015

Q. Moon, you said you moved about five minutes away. Will this be your primary practice facility whenever you get fully up and running in Irving or Dallas, wherever your house is at?
Yeah, I move here month ago. So in month, I took trips out here, so I came out here four times, five times, that’s all and I went to Craig Ranch golf course couple times. It was a really good practice area, too. So I like here. -2014

Q. Can you talk about last year and your start here, three 66s. Why did you feel so immediately comfortable on this course?
I like this course shape, pretty wide and I like this green, because a little easier than the other greens, because they are a little easier to read, not much grain, not much slope, some green is hilly but speed is perfect and good grass, so easy read.
You know, we play every different grass each week, so I have a little problem every week, different grass every week. So it was a little hard, hard to putt. -2014

No Question.
I really like the golf course, it sets up well for me. Obviously like you said I’ve had a lot of success here and contended a couple of times. I just like this place. I like the golf course. It’s a good fit. I’ve liked it ever since I first came here and coming in this week, obviously last week I got off to a good start, but that golf course, it’s a tough course.
You gotta play really well to contend there and just a hair off on the weekend. Didn’t really make any putts. Just had a little mediocre week. -2014

Q. Only two par 5s, considering your length is there any advantage of how this course sets up for you particularly with your length?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Well, both par 5s are reachable, so you gotta take advantage of those. But it’s another golf course where you got to drive it well. If you drive it well here, you’re hitting out of the fairways, you can attack the golf course. There are a few tough holes but it’s really important, I think, to drive it well. If you do that, then, you know, you can be really aggressive coming into the greens and these greens are always really good so you can make a lot of putts.

Q. What is it about the course that suits you so well?
It’s not something that I can 100% put my finger on. Just seems that the holes fit my eyes nicely, the greens are perfect.
This is one of the more underrated courses in terms of condition. The greens are always perfect.
There is something about this course that I see the right way, and that putts go in. It’s that simple. I can’t explain the exact reason but it’s good stuff. -2014

Q. Is it harder to play here than it would be somewhere else with so many friends and family around?
I don’t know if it’s harder. It’s a home game. I really want to play well here. That’s not going to affect me, I don’t think, in any way on the course. Off the course it’s a lot of fun because my friends are back from school now, and I’m able to go hang with them and get away from the game and talk about the experience that I missed out on at college. Good stories there. It’s not affecting me in any way. I don’t think it’s harder necessarily to play here, I just want to play better. -2014

Q. Marc, you mentioned liking this course. Obviously you have a good track record here. What is it about the course that you like so much?
I think the conditions. It’s normally pretty windy around here, I enjoy playing in the wind, especially on golf courses where you can land it short of the green and bounce it up. I found a lot of courses that we play all year, if it’s windy you have to land it on the green, here you can land it short and if you have to, run it up. I feel like I read the greens pretty well and on each hole there is one side that you can’t miss it on as far as tee shots go, but there’s one side that’s normally alright, so I feel like it gives me a little bit more room. I think mostly it’s the wind. I like playing in the wind. -2014

Q. You grew up playing in a lot of wind, right?
Yeah, I grew up in Warrnambool, which is known as “Windy Warrnambool” it’s always windy, it’s normally always blowing really hard so played in a lot of wind, yeah. -2014

Q. Top-10 here last year, gotten better each year you’ve played here. Are you getting comfortable on this course?
I actually do like the golf course. I feel like it fits my game pretty well. I like to think that I play pretty well in the wind, which obviously it usually blows here pretty hard. Yeah, it’s just one of those courses that I look at it and it suits my eye. Hopefully it can be a good weekend. -2014

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Tournament Notes

2015: Course was uncharacteristically drenched all week. Golfers played preferred lies all four rounds. The officials even had to re-route the course as a par 69 for rounds two through four. The 406-yard, par-4 14th hole was turned into a 104-yard, par 3.

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