A FanDuel Rookie’s Journey Week 2 #BeginnersLuck

So after a some-good-some-bad/story-of-my-life Week 1, we’re into some Week 2 NFL action. I know all too well from my ATS days that even though we’ve now seen every team in the league perform “for real” for 60 minutes, that it’s extremely important to not overreact to every performance from Week 1. Peyton Manning isn’t God, Victor Cruz won’t catch 3 TD’s every game and David Wilson also isn’t the worst RB of all time. Anyway, I’m pumped for some Week 2 action to start, and I’m sure you are too.

FanDuel Beginners Luck Week 2In the FFFC Fan Duel contest, I went with Aaron Rodgers as my QB for Week 2 as even though his salary of $9,400 is high, I know he’s pissed after losing to the 49ers yet again and will go into assault mode over the wobbly Skins D at home on the not-yet frozen tundra. I also feel extra confident after seeing that Fantasy Football Nerd has Rodgers ranked as their #2 QB for the week.

For running backs I started with LeSean McCoy, as even though I’m not overacting and am still very skeptical of Chip Kelly’s offensive approach in the NFL, I believe that the Chargers will be totally flat and disheartened after blowing that game late on Monday at home to the Texans, and I believe that Philly will destroy SD in this game (the huge -7.5 Vegas spread agrees with me). I also went with Eddie Lacy as my other RB as I think that the Packers will be up huge late in that game vs the Skins and he’ll get lots of just-run-out-the-clock carries and will hopefully find the endzone as well.

For WRs I went with Larry Fitzgerald, DeSean Jackson and Cordarrelle Patterson. I took Larry because I still believe he’s one of the top 3 receivers in this league, and now that he finally has a semi-real QB (backhanded Carson Palmer compliment), he’s in for a huge season (see Week 1). I took DeSean for the same reasons I took LeSean McCoy above and I took Cordarrelle, well, as a total flier as Christian Ponder sucks, the Vikings really suck, but the dude has amazing talent and will break out at some point this season.

For my TE I chose Kyle Rudolph. I hate Christian Ponder but if they ever decide to start throwing him the ball, he’ll catch it and will put up some numbers. For my kicker I had to go with Blair Walsh of the Vikings, as I doubt the purple will be finding the endzone much at Solider Field this week, but if they get inside the 40 yard line, they may as well just give the Vikes and me and my fantasy team the points. For my D I went with the Oakland Raiders Defense. Hey, they’re playing the Single-A Jacksonville Jaguars.

So hey, there you have it. Good luck to everyone in Week 2.

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